Homeschool mom posting content about homeschooling. Thanks for checking out my channel. Have an excellent day! Content exclusive to Minds, because big tech sucks! @neanderloid is my other account.
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Dedicated to rebuilding vintage tools and antiques to preserve for future generations.

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W░i░s░h░ ░y░o░u░ ░w░e░r░e░ ░h░e░r░e░!

Only go to college if you need to, or want to. They are more about teaching you what to think, than how to think. No shame working a trade job or being a stay at home mom. That's some really based hot jive. 俺はめちゃ変な外人です。食べ物大好き。日本語は難しい勉強するがですね。 The bible is pretty dope. You should read it sometime. I don't know why people hate K-Pop. It's a decent anime, better than Sword Art Online. Christmas avatar edit by Rustmine22 banner by yours truly. (I try to stay safe for work here concerning visual things. If there's a video that goes crazy, I'll try to put in a note with it. I may remind from people who do post more spicy content. So warning if you follow the rabbit hole to other peoples' content. If there's something you don't like, please either ignore those posts, and/or talk about it respectfully with whomever it concerns. I'll try to take criticisms on my end gracefully as well.)

🇩🇪🇨🇳 Engineer @ McDermott International DHT CHINA OIL TANKER))… Cryptocurrency Enthusiast)))…Single Dad.👨‍👧)) and Dog love…🐾🐾

I salvage old things and make them into new things.

Jan 2022
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