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Seivert’s Woodworking has been building custom homes in Durango, Colorado for over 25 years. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service and standards with top craftsmanship for every client. Seivert’s Woodworking. 5419 County Road 502 Bayfield CO 81122-9304 , 970-749-2307

Twin Buttes of Durango Website: Address: 690 Twin Buttes Avenue Durango, CO 81301 Phone: 970-335-8252 Twin Buttes of Durango is a carefully planned community perched on the sunny slopes below Perins Peak and Durango’s iconic twin buttes that captures the essence of Durango, Colorado. Twin Buttes celebrates the town’s welcoming character and the mountainside’s natural beauty and stunning vistas. We embrace bold ideas about new ways to live in an environmentally-friendly community, while giving a nod to our rich agricultural and mining heritage.

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Writer of horror and adventure. EFA-trained developmental and copy editor. Content is mostly writing oriented with occasional politics (Libertarian/Patriot). Nothing yet published but slowly working on a weird western. Amateur photographer. You can find my content in the Art Den group. I'm NOT interested in your "business opportunities", crypto, blockchain, or any other scheme. PMing me about them will get you insta-blocked.

Independent Journalist “An unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than a lie. It takes great courage to back truth unacceptable to our times. There's a punishment for it, and it's usually crucifixion.” ― John Steinbeck, East of Eden

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Crypto Masochist. Capitulation buyer of last resort... Lazy trend rider... Parabolic parachuter. *Crypto is high risk, nothing I say is financial advice. Don't get rekt.

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In trying to communicate with mules, the first thing to understand is that they want to please you. Underneath what may appear to be an unfeeling character is a willing and intelligent creature. I have had experience with draft and light horses, mules, and donkeys. I can say with confidence that after communication and trust has been established, donkeys are some of the hardest working and devoted souls I have ever dealt with. The mule inherits this quality and it makes him a reliable, dependable, and loyal fellow.

I'm an IT Professional and cryptocurrency enthusiast. This channel does not offer any financial advice and is ONLY for educational purposes. I'm not a financial advisor.

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Award Winning Journalist and Technologist Making Documentaries, VR, Drones, Immersion Storytelling, and Live Video | [email protected]

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Trying to be philosophically consistent and self aware, liberty minded individual making snarky and/or insightful comments (hopefully). On occasion I will try to one up conspiracy theory types for shits, giggles and the unlikely chance they may gain some insight into how batshit crazy they really are. I also take photos of stuff.[email protected]/albums If I have one piece of advice it's "stop humoring racists/identiterians". They are objectively bad people, and you should stop assuming they're just ignorant or mistaken. They're adults, treat them like it.

Author of "The Magic of Nature," "Walk Your Path," & "The Golden Rule." Jess writes for, "Go 2 Tutors" and "Witch Way." Meditation can't cure stupid but it can ease frustration. Sorry guys, I'm a married homeschooler with 4 kids (and no I didn't know you in high school)

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