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I also post here: Gab I post relevant news articles for freedom, cryptocurrencies, and sometimes funny stuff. I don't make most of the images/videos. Please support the creator if/when possible. Any donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Libertarian Activist, successful businessman, determined to end the liberal fiscal policies of both major parties. Come join my mission to save America!

What's up, ya Kooks?!? Just a Liberty-lovin' Kook, making sweet, gentle love to your earholes. Pseudollectual, Caster of Pod, Kook, Deep-V Voluntarist, Liberty Lover! Sometimes a transgender cartoon pretending to be a commie feminist doing a libertarian podcast. Found On the Interwebs:

Vu Quang Tin Mong muốn thế giới tốt đẹp hơn không còn chiến tranh và thù hận. lòng nhân ái và tình yêu ở khắp mọi nơi. hãy chung tay làm cho thế giới tốt đẹp nhất có thể.

Author and anarchist. My novel "Blue-Haired Killer Queen" is available on amazon. Fiercely anti-school. DMs always open.

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Co-host of the #1 inhalent-fueled libertarian shitcast in America, the Friends Against Government podcast.

New York
Jul 2018
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