glitch artist グリッチアーティスト Its best you stay away, as I fall into the abyss. I will only drag you with me. If you like my work plz help me out, I could use your help. BTC - 38SCC2RP7W1aaaBH2S7mXcmkYPg7fRTQNK ETH - 0xE66042e17A6D55576BDf32c2E3E0cc815942919e -------------------------------------My gifs are best viewed on desktop/laptop in the pop out view by clicking on them. Mobile view and gallery view(on desktop) can sometimes ruin them.
For fans of the long running series. Post pics, memes and other general things.
Retro style 80's electro and more!
A comic style in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience, usually speaking directly to them. The performer is commonly known as a comic, stand-up comic, comedian, stand-up comedian, or simply a stand-up. #Comedy @Jokerman http://stand-upcomedy.com/glossary-of-stand-up-comedy-terms/
For degenerates and the formless. This group is inspired by (or basically just plagiarizes) https://8kun.top/nothingness/catalog.html #horror #degeneracy #urbandecay #dilapidation #surrealism #solitude #darkness #occult
Synthwave Music 80's Retro and more that links the past to the future and everything in between.
Minds.com specific media and support media only. Get creative, Minds! #MindsImages tag required #minds tag advised #art tag recommended All off-topic posts, self promotion and spam will be deleted. Blocking an admin is also not permitted so do not do it. Self promotion must be discussed with @FretzCapo via pm. #art #gifs #memes #minds #MindsImages
Focus on learning software languages and the skills of algorithms and applications thereof. #Software #programming #swengineering #algorithm
It seems like advertisements of the past were much better thought out and planned compared to what we see in the 21st century. With that being said, this group is designed to present artwork within the advertising genre. Any retro ads from the 19th – 20th century are fair game. Creative without strategy is called “art”. Creative with strategy is called advertising – Jef I. Richards
The #FractalUniverseRevolution is the era in which our naive civilization wakes up to a science fiction that looks like vintage upon finding the formula of the universe, or our physics in it, or Earth of our branch of the multiverse, or other fractal worlds, or other civilizations, or deities. The formula of the universe is within reach of individuals and small groups of researchers, and a few years of effort. But, it can happen overnight. Especially with the internet. Especially with #Minds. Educatedguessing this to be the most important activity our civilization can be taking part in, I vouch to do my part as bridge dweller. I would rather have nanotechnology and 99.99% brain uploaders as soon as possible and will be putting it all in to this trend anyway, from simple steps like 'Building A Universe Competition' #BAUniC, to various ways almost everything will be #FUR-ed into a new form after the formula of the universe is uncensorably spread all over, and this needs to be put into words and shown to as many minds as we can, therefore hooking it to various conversations with priority and softspamery. The #FUR is also a versatile acronym, able to express rage, lust, and several ambiguities with similar words. Memorable too. What can go wrong here? Some of the best #FUR kek has made home at ideathmatch.com, but mainly it is here that the serious #FUR, just existing in this nest of revolutions that #Minds is, can, and will, change history. Join in! Worship, praise, kek, dream, imagine, render the #FUR in here you maYes. Insult it you baNo, or go do it at your channel. Subscribe/Remind/#FUR/Like and tell a friend of similar interests directly when you can. The #FractalUniverseRevolution is Unstoppable!
Tools and strategies for health and cognitive performance enhancement. Nootropics and Smart Drugs Biohacking tech Herbal medicine Diet optimization Fasting Exercise Mindfulness and meditation Anti-Aging, Transhumanism, and Philosophy Let us know what biohacks you're using... [This group and the postings are MODERATED so let's keep the conversation respectful and posts unrelated to the above will be removed promptly] If you're new to biohacking visit https://www.limitlessmindset.com or you can follow https://www.minds.com/jroseland Advertisers: Only ONE promotional post a week. If you're going to share links to try to drive traffic elsewhere you MUST participate in the conversation here and comment on other people's stuff - not doing so will result in a ban.
Share your favorite video game OST tracks in this community! #MindsGaming #VideoGameMusic #Gaming #Music
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