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USAF Veteran | UF Alumni '16 | America First | Go Gators | Website:
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trump gal posting her favorite pro trump content

I am a religious researcher, scholar, and writer. I have a Bachelor's in Philosophy, an MA in Theology and a current doctoral student.

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Hi frens! I'm migrating here to showcase my 3D art and animation gallery. If you voted for Biden, you can fuck right off and take a leap of faith off a fucking cliff where sharp rocks wait for you at the bottom. You'd be doing the world a favor! Also, if you support ANTIFA, BLM, Neo-Nazi, social justice horseshit, or hate America; then go fuck yourself! I hope you die in the worst way imaginable, and stay the fuck off my channel, commie faggots. Enjoy!

Host of 'Humpday Potpourri', 'Saturday Crypto Talk' and 'The Daily Dose'. I also post Minds/Gab exclusive videos on sports. culture war and any other topic I find interesting.

“Byte Swah” not Byzoo .. Make Stormtroopers Great Again! When in the Deathstar, do as the Deathstarians do! #NotMyEmperor #SimpingForVader PSN: Buckaroo Baizuo

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Podcaster, Gamer, Film Maker

{learning to code} ☕ aspiring to work from home in my pjs, with my dog in my lap and a cup of tea in hand. Here for the #memes

United States of America
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Sep 2019
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