She blinded me with science!

Mycologist/Botanist/Sound Engineer

BombAF Edibles = Snizzacks Vitamin P Bite Tek Snizzacks Pussy Envy Mycology Cultivation Fitness Food Veteran message me to chat // bombasfuck

Making spores drop a plenty since 20 fucking 20 🍄🖤 Alchemist, psychedelic sorcerer and psily scientist 🧬 Stay humble above all else 🙏💯 🧫 RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY🔬 ☮ Eugene, Oregon ☮

Amateur mycology. Nature provides, we preserve.

🚫No Mushrooms for Sale🚫 🚫NO DM’s🚫 ⚓️Navy Veteran

Just a Mycologist trying to make his way in this world. I sell all sorts of mycology supplies just ask!

1/2 of the breaking sad team. Addicted to genetics. Mycoremediation is my goal. Bags + Poop / Coir + Batch pasturize + Millet mafia #TripTeamFam mycologists are breaking sadness!

all is poison all is medicine be here now mushrooms

Tennessee Boy Bred & Raised! 10 year Depression, PTSD, and Suicide Survivor. Saved by the grace of god and the amazing fruits and herbs that are psilocybin mushrooms, cannabis, Lysergic acid, Lophophora, amongst other natural medicines. A seeker of knowledge and resources like most. B.A. Systems and Network Administration 2015 B.A. K-8 Special Education Interventionist 2023 Be kind ✌🏼 We’re all Human here 🛸

Sep 2021
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