I am the worlds queerest anarchist and the universes most politically incorrect queer. I self identify as transgender, genderqueer, panarchist, syndicalist, genderfuck, lesbian, post-Marxist, voluntarist, libertarian socialist, Rothbardian, Bookchinite, Guevarist, Dadaist, genderfluid, genderflux, sex-positive feminist, mentally ill, contrarian, Yippie, goth, punk, riot grrrrl, gonzo journalist, provocateur, iconoclast, pill head, gadfly, dabbler, suburban guerilla, anti-imperialist, service dom, mommy dom, brat tamer, Christopagan, pervert, weirdo, lapsed Catholic, dyke, crazy cat lady and enemy of the state, among other things. I hate big business, big government, organized religion, borders, prisons, compulsory schooling and the state. I write for Attack the System, Counterpunch and Rational Review, and I run the most dangerous blog online, http://exileinhappyvalley.blogspot.com/
Home birth enthusiast, respectful parenting
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love dancing and music 💤💤
Question More, Hold them to account. The truth is in Plain sight, But people are banned from talking about it. Go inside, meditate and discover the ultimate truth. https://odysee.com/@cool.hand.luke:6 https://twitter.com/jordco https://gab.com/Cool_Hand_Luke_1 https://www.bitchute.com/channel/RBUAzr6FzCTp/ https://www.minds.com/cool_hand_luke -The Covid Cure Protocol: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1283850790879891476
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