Flowers from the Deep

A channel designed to post the process of Flowers from the Deep, an Indie Webcomic written by S. Milan, Drawn and illustrated by David T. Cabrera and lettered/edited by HdE. Updates every Friday. .
I play games on twitch and YouTube at MhokMhok I am super open to fan games
idk dumb stuff tryin this place out a lil bit. just kinda hangin. nothin special. dunno what ill post, if i post anything. maybe ill post maps i draw or somethin?
Independent record label from Askøy, Norway.
📸Photographer 🚀HTX 🧙🏻‍♂️traveler 👨🏻‍💻FUSED MEDIA- Across all other social medias
Art, writing, and comedy by Sir Chase Hooper
Norwegian pipefitter. Journeyman traveling around Scandinavia doing construction. Posting memes I’ve stolen from other places #notmymemes. I like cool stuff and nice things I got molested by a middle aged woman on the train last week
Band from Denver, Colorado. Alternative rock. Art should not be censored!!!
Illustrator and sequential artist #art #comics #illustration
Feb 2019
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