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Open discussion on political ideology, capitalism vs. socialism, imperialism, White House politics, etc... No childish namecalling; Let's keep this a legitimate discourse, and stick to the facts.
An open group to support Bernie Sanders and his quest to right the wrongs done by the .01% over the recent past. As A work in progress, as we are all pretty much new to the ins and outs of this site, I will share when able and I encourage others to share content and storys of Bernie support as well, as he fights an uphill battle against the .01%, established polititans, the corporate controlled MSM and almost every other special intrest that stands to gain by him simply failing in his endevors to help the American people!
Yes we’re leftists. Yes we’re on minds. We exist. No gate keeping here, this is a minds community for the “left” broadly (e.g. anarchists, tankies, socialists, progressive,etc welcome). Given the obvious presence of white supremacists, Nazis, trump supporters et al. on Minds, posts will be tightly modded to prevent this becoming a shitshow, so if ur gonna be racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, etc... get fucked. Other than that this is a place for srs discussion, shitposting, organizing, trolling right-wing dipshits. It’ll be great.
For libertarians who aren't on the An-Cap side of being liberal. Open to folks who want to express their moderate views or to opposition that's willing to chat up with folks they dissagree with.
Green party voters in Ohio
Noticed how Minds are flooded with the white-supremacy scum? These scumbags are making sure that the ruling elite reigns supreme by ensuring the “divide and conquer” strategy. This group is about Unite and Conquer.
NYS group, part of the national Movement for a People's Party, movement to form a new party funded by and for the people and form coalitions with other progressive groups
Welcome "I Am The Face of Truth" Family! Here's another place where our Worldwide Grassroots Campaign can begin to come together and get involved at Minds. This is a place where free speech is welcomed and censorship doesn't exist! Thank you for being a part of the ever-growing Truth Seekers Community! SET THE TRUTH FREE AND IT WILL DEFEND ITSELF!
Free Palestine - End the Occupation
Rape Gangs in the UK are carrying out systematic acts of terror uiing rape as a weapon against young wgite girls and women in the UK on an Industrial scale. We demand it be recognized and punished under the Terrorism act. SIGN THE PETITION
Fairfax , Virginia , United States
Dec 2016
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