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I'm Erwin and I'm an author. This is my SFW account where it will be strictly articles about writing, the stories I'm writing, and any art I do. Find me on parler, ruqqus, reddit, and join our discord. Links are in the social links below

I'm stuck in the internet and can't get out, so I might as well make the best of it.

Allow me to lead you to victory!

Enjoys history, afternoon tea, pets, and yoga. Polyglot and aspiring linguist. German is my love language. Anti-Left. Find me also on Vero:

Independent author.

ENIAK, the Darkest King! Ruler of The Void and Bringer of the Eternal Silence! I COME TO MINDS. TREMBLE WITH FEAR! ... but I'm also a pretty chill dude so come say hi. I have a comic which you can read here:

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Anime Nerd. Figure Collector and IT Tech. I love fiction and I love connecting with fans who enjoy sharing the experience.

Hello. I am M. Charles. I write non-fiction pieces and short stories.

Vault Kobold
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Commenting Kobold, Denizen of the Vault, and Writer. Writer/Creator of Havoc on Indiegogo:

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21, Gamer who likes Anime. all images I post belong to the original artists. I could post my own but I am absolutely the worst artist in the world. also Taken by the wonderful @feistylittlekitty

"Science Fiction is what they promised; Cyberpunk is what we got." -Sean Kennedy ART Preparation by Alwyn Talbot -=The Watch List=- The Lawnmower Man Blade Runner Ghost In The Shell Appleseed Akira Max Headroom The Matrix From Beyond Runaway Doctor Who The Terminator Robocop Altered Carbon Æon Flux Hellraiser Chappie Knight Rider Soldier Hackers War Games Tron Sneakers Altered States Hardware Videodrome Heartbeeps Cherry 2000 Trancers Primer Pi Johnny Mnemonic District 9 Mr. Robot Mad Max Robotech The Prisoner

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I lust for free speech & press...and rifle-wielding waifus. Psych researcher. Fan of evolutionary & moral psychology/philosophy & English poesy. Peak brainlet. Amateur writer hoping to share and better his craft while engaging in memery and political silliness. Let's have fun on social media again... #Exodus

Nov 2020
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