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I'm Erwin and I'm an author. This is my SFW account where it will be strictly articles about writing, the stories I'm writing, and any art I do. Find me on parler, ruqqus, reddit, and join our discord. Links are in the social links below
A place for creators (artists and writers) to communicate, collaborate, and interact among themselves and their audience.
A group to discuss all things science fiction - reading, writing, gaming, etc. Let's try to minimize talk of the big-name corporate media franchises and fandoms, though it's not against the rules to mention them from time to time. This group has a Minds chat channel:
The United States of Long Florida and Turbohio Patriotic Shitposting (both ironic and unironic) Electric Boogaloo Memes Pro-America Memes No Commies >anti communist memes are ok >sexually harassing communists is encouraged Hornt Posting is (only allowed if Patriotic) Floridaman = @tardvark Turbohioan ambassador to Long Florida = @pr3pp3rchan_official War Criminal = @Tay_Tweets_ReBorn #florida #floridaman #floridamanfridays #floridamanfriday #long_florida #ohio #turbohio #ohioman #based #merica #murica #muricafuckyeah #1776 #freedom #freedomfries #americafirst #america #donttreadonme #guns #patriot #patriots #patriotism #patriotic
In this group we mix Politics, Gaming, Philosophy, and Culture to create an environment able and willing to shift the current social paradigm. We welcome all creators and enthusiasts who make videos and articles, or just want to talk about things they like and things they want to see for a change. Keep things chill and quit yo bitchin'.
* No Porn Allowed * Any topic that is prevalent in our modern culture is welcomed. For example: gaming, manga, comics, anime, cosplay, movies, TV shows and series, memes, art, photography, music, tech, crypto, girls, drugs, internet, gifs, comedy, humor, funny, webcam, social media, trends, etc.
Group for people hunting Minds spammers & bots. admins @jaebeeart mods @klara_sjo @StijnFawkes
This group is all about memes poking fun at history or trying to educate with bite-sized bits of information in a comedic meme format. THE RULES 1. Memes must have something to do with history. 2. Try to have fun. 3. The sidebar chat can be used as a live chat. 4. No spam. 5. No Nazi, Fascist or Communist apologists or posts. Posts unironically supporting these ideologies may be subject to moderation. 6. Historical Revisionism may be subject to moderation. Let's get our nerd on. Use #historymemes if you can please. Group created by @megamouthgames Mods: @ghoul777 @coel
This book club is dedicated to all psychologically-driven works; as a result, we welcome minds (no pun intended) and works of psychology, deep social commentary, soft sci-fi, fantasy, ethics, meta-narrative, and more. Further, a place for dark fiction and non-fiction: focusing on Romanticism, dystopian/utopianism, psychological novels, philosophic works, ideology, and poetry. You may post your own writings or famous works; furthermore, this group is open to any and all questions, suggestions, and related-topic posts.
Welcome to a new group for people aspiring to be authors, or who have taken the leap into the publishing world. group chat -!
Nov 2020
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