I talk about and share various information on animation, manga, video games and other things I find interesting. Along with censorship of various creative media. About me personally I obviously love various Japanese media along with western video games, comics, cartoon and the like. I like seeing indie projects of all different kinds. I am also an artist and like to engage with philosophy, though I'm not the best haha. Feel free to DM me to chat <3

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Talk about firearms related things. Range related stuff. New to shooting we can help. Any firearms topic.

I'm an artist, and an engineering student from India. I'll be posting art tutorials and engineering graphics tutorials on this channel!

🌇Student Cartoonist/Illustrator 🎇Commissions Closed 🎆Check out my Carrd for my portfolio!

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I’m open minded😄 Jaded enough that nothing surprises me anymore A free spirit 💃 A nature lover...🌿🌱🌴 A writer at leisure ✍️✍️ A Christian

Jul 2020
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