i seriously have no idea what is even happening anymore 🏳️‍🌈

I am not referring to my adversaries as legal authority figures under western law it's simply an indicator of enemy adversaries like criminals, terrorist, radicals, rebels and NGO's. Hopefully that clarifies any confusion that other parties might have if they see me use the word adversary in a sentence.

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Luna is an alchemist of life catalysing change on individual and collective human consciousness. Website: https://thealchemistoflife.com (currently in Chinese, transitioning to bilingual)

The post-work future is coming. So is my animated series "Melvin" an animated comedy about this very subject.

Irritating truth teller and internet scribe.

Consequentialist Libertarian who hates every 2020 candidate but Yang Bucks are sweet

Nothing. There is nothing. AI Puppet Master.

Soft Girl for Trump 🇺🇸 Female🦄 Super Bisexual 💚🖤 Loves to learn something new everyday

About me: American woman College student Tired of political correctness Mediocre musician Pro-Constitution Not bad at trading crypto 🏳️‍🌈 lesbian (not proud, not ashamed) Anti-Zionist All Lives Matter Facts of Life: There are only 2 genders Traps are gay Israel is a terrorist state

Oct 2019
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