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Hello! welcome to my channel where we talk about the journey of knowing one's self, thinking for ones self and what the journey of evolving and awakening looks like! I am so excited to connect and meet with you all! I am a mom, a small business owner and an empathic creative individual learning and navigating life on earth at this time. Lets make wonderland!! 馃挆馃檹馃挆 #letsmakewonderland
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A Channel dedicated solely to sharing knowledge that can free and empower individuals across the world, and providing the most thoroughly researched articles and videos available. A sub-goal of ours is to compile as much impactful and helpful information at this channel as possible, which is why we chose #minds to be our main platform. Please utilize the knowledge provided to enrich yourself and others and help to create a future worth fighting for. "Forge your mind in the fire of debate and strengthen it through vigilance and judicious study"-CTTN We cover- Finance, Geopolitics, Corporate Criminality, Deep State Maneuvers, Vaccine Information, Precious Metals and Cryptocurrencies and so much more. We would like to encourage strong debate and listening to opinions you disagree with. It is rare that any one human is more in the right than another, and all events and stories have multiples of angles and views to learn from. We are Cutting Through The Noise.

[ Think for yourself ] is a project that aims to spread philosophy and wisdom through the art of the word.

Sustainable Human
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https://sustainablehuman.org We offer inspiring and educational video stories that help humanity evolve and create social, environmental, behavioral, and psychological change. Our stories highlight the interconnection and interdependence between all life.

I am a Reincarnated Ascended Master. Here from Beyond to Guide and Protect all life in the transition from the old paradigm of fear and scarcity to the new paradigm of heaven on earth. http://www.tribeofawakeningsovereignty.com/

Mind Expanding messages from the other side. http://awakeningourtruth.com Just having fun Poppin 3rd Eyes I just arrived to Minds hoping to find all you spiritual junkies ;) until then Check out the Binaural beats from @Etaf Thank you to the wonderful Supporters of this Channel @HiDimensions @DmtSpirit @RedDragonLS @scottcbusiness

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Musician/Soundhealer/Author/Youtuber #432hz Sound is the Medicine of the Future www.thehealingvibe.com

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Utsuro bune
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Jacob Rothschild Anunnaki Reptilian Bankster

In a world of worries be a warrior. Good things don't last unless you hold them carefully.

Songwriter and musician from Nashville, Tennessee

Colorado, United States
Apr 2020
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