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searcher of truth, cooker of victuals, parent of awesome little human

Lambert’s is now a third generation company and its operations have expanded beyond fruit and produce to include a New York Style Deli, Salad bar, soups and sandwiches catering, grocery lines both imported and domestic. We have Garden centers at each location, with friendly and knowledgeable staff. The full Garden centers in Hingham and Westwood can deliver New England processed mulch to almost anywhere in the Ma. Area.

Professional Over-Thinker

I do a D&D5e rulehack. (Open in a chromium browser - firefox and its lineage have display issues the dev of this site can't easily fix) I maintain a changelog for that rulehack here: I also do blog posts on things I think matter, don't forget you can filter to see only blogs if you care about my opinions on things.

Just some random french canadian. I will just post random comments from time to time. I try to keep informed but I don't want to fall in the Twitter pitfall of a constant political exposure. At least, I can comment freely. And I enjoy art, sexiness and the mix of both.

Oct 2021
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