Hi, I am none other, than the eponymous inventor of fusion, general artificial intelligence, and faster than light travel. Alexandros Filth

Composer of music for Film and Television. Specializing in documentaries.           

Daily World Revolution I most often take a child's view of war. I am not fascinated by war, I want to understand why humans feel it is justified to slaughter the children of other humans and maybe come up with some keys to putting a brake on the slaughter. From La Paz, Bolivia, now living in the Caribbean

I speak my mind, I refuse to filter myself to protect someone's "feel's". If you want someone to be a safe space then go looking somewhere else.FYI: I do not make video's, I personally find the editing a pain in the ass, however I may make a blog or two.

E Taedium Partum. (Out of boredom, creation.) ~Me

Forking brilliance

Not a foodie...but I talk about and review food. I'm a white trashie?

https://about.me/malagent ——|—— Self proclaimed visionary. I wonder why so many people need a leader, rather than being one. My self confidence and conviction are often incorrectly perceived as arrogance. I am disgusted by the overwhelming indifference & complacency of society that allows a wide gamut of problems to cripple the advancement and success of everyone. I am angered by those who impose their will on others, without invitation or consent, no matter the intention. I am encouraged by those who are active in seeking to maintain or reclaim individual liberty. My obsession with the acquisition of all human knowledge, before my sure to be untimely demise, often interferes with itself. Surely, the last piece of knowledge acquired will be just how exactly to quantify human knowledge. I am not afraid to write from my own perspective or to refer to myself as I. I do not write as well as I would like, however, that rarely stops me from trying. Employment & residential information is intentionally ambiguous and incomplete. It is intended only for networking purposes to aid in the location of friends, associates, and acquaintances. Any usage other than general reference by people known to me, is pretty much pointless. [————] Buy stuff: http://amzn.to/2x8bn2d

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