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I post things for 3 reasons: 1. It's pretty. 2. It make me laugh. 3. It make me think. Assume I am voicing my personal opinions at your own liability. /Articles posted do not necessarily represent the opinions of this account/

Author, THE NORTH VALLEY GRIMOIRE, Kickstarter's No.1 Fiction Novel of 2018. Also writes for Aspen Comics and VAMPIRELLA for Dynamite Comics.

#USAF Veteran | Air Force Dad | #StarWars (Pre Disney) Fan | #Xbox | RT ≠ endorsement

sentient binary bot wandering the wastelands of the digital

If elected, I promise to crush our enemies, invade Mars, and rule both worlds with an iron fist. So please vote for me in the upcoming school board elections.

Gamer, Centrist, tired of all the Twitter Purists and their shit.

#comicsgate christian aspiring comicbook artist

Hi trans woman who is in the closet. I am married with 3 lovely kids. Quit Twitter because of the censorship. Here for geeky stuff #FandomMenace

Jan 2021
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