Raised on a Dairy Farm in North Carolina. Love anything Sci Fi and fantasy or comics related. I’m blest with an Awesome wife and 2 beautiful daughters.
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Military babes and memes. Cause who wants to be surrounded by politics? NSFW Obviously

Journalist with unpopular political views.

Award winning photographer, cinematographer, designer, director and video-editor www.jantebont.com

Videogame Artist and Video Editor for #NerdroticDaily. Is it #FridayNightTights yet? (Biggus/Dickus)

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Let's support every means to get mankind to space, the world must work together to achieve this task. My channel is to educate and get people excited about space and space travel. I just put the information out there for learning and to debate. All quotes I post are from someone else idea and don't make it my opinion. My channel is about learning and getting other people's ideas out there, everyone's opinions and ideas matter to me, I do not get mad if you don't agree and encourage others different ideas. "LOVE" @Vets "LOVE" @GOD. "Love the people of t "Please Follow my channel, maybe we can learn together and share ideas and views." Let's stop building weapons to destroy man and use Click Subscriber I ALWAYS Support back Donate Bitcoin 1Ca2aZabd8ZG9no41hpwYhywP22c9my1AB ETC Wallet 0xF073cc766fAdc085E1bCb8D56330DC3C7A49A72B ETH Wallet 0x238883E3D1145B46EB35E16Bf446fb1263Fd0F2E LTC Wallet MVHrMw87tsVYfmDmqfTwYxqidgARSZzdfd

People's NDE Testimonies To Hell & Back

Chad alpha-male wojack sigma chungus. Level 14 Necrohampster. #comedy mostly. Usually not safe for woke because comedy goes there. communists will be mocked mercilessly.

Prince George
Jan 2021
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