Welcome to Extra Ordinary People's Powered Leaderless Equality For All Meetings podcast and ongoing weekly meetings. We are about getting rid of all the inequalities and moving towards equality systems by creating more optimal societies based on Equality For All. Daniel Roy Wigler "Backpack" Baron Author, Activist and Equality For All Revolution activist 20+ years of technology in Quality Assurance, Technical Writing, Business Analysis & Project Management. Join our ongoing weekly Equality for All Meetings: Sign up for our forum on People's Meeting Google Groups: Feel free to subscribe, share and comment on youtube: Contact Daniel Roy Wigler Baron Phone: 323-496-7649 Email: [email protected] #OccupyForever #LeaderlessEqualityMeetings #SocietyReform #GovernmentReform #ElectionReform

Our current representative system is outdated and is not adequately equipped for change, but also limits progress and participation. As a movement, we want to increase citizen participation by implementing a model of direct democracy in all levels of citizenship We the people can make all major decisions by initiatives and referendums.While we are not against political parties who advocate for direct democracy, we have an ultimate goal of parties-politics, where every decision will be taken by the collective whole To stay updated, do not forget to subscribe and share. (Georgios Mavropalias )

We live in the communities we serve and have stepped through the front door of senior care locations throughout the Quad Cities, Des Moines, and Iowa City/Cedar Rapids regions. We are not representatives for any of them. Instead, we act as YOUR representative.

Children are the future and they have none if we don't grow up unite as 1 human race

I make video's about Foreign Wars, Crypto Currency, Austrian Economics, and current events. You can watch them at the links below. Please subscribe on what ever platform you use. Find me on any of these sites: Support me while also protecting your privacy by using the Brave Browser with this link. Suppory me while using Minds by using this link You can support with crypto with this addresses Loki L9CU2UvQsWWfcHwsUmbMD1gJWtVBfMc2uTg1dwarWoVPgHwHLGL59YRPpJc2uyAog6VX4EmsP35FZ4RHjmJCNLt7R4D3SjU Bitcoin 1NGpGrXPh73vuUHtadQfPDz648LFiB4otQ Eth 0x3E7CDB39fa0fE1C9A4d850C26F096aA772601dA7 Bitcoin cash 19S3FjWbi5AwrTSyQQK4HkbPdcEqqSnGxH Eth classic 0x91ad73b6A6Dd44945dFc17EA5970c406BFfC5189 Lightcoin LPuXsaFb6VkfDgA2exJ5B9F4mCJn1szoV1 Dash XggLgLVW6h5fDmzqQoDLyascqfVtbaDoum Zcash t1ab4bhQN1Kw19sJHmR7DVnVW57yR9VBpwV Bat 0x3E7CDB39fa0fE1C9A4d850C26F096aA772601dA7 Take care.

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Trump = Still my President 🇺🇲 Biden  = Not my Pedophile

Activist and co-founder of a little group called #BecomeUngovernable. We are trying to overthrow the government and rebuild it so that it works for everyone..

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