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Furry on main, gay on alt. 18+ only, I guess.

⚣ |spiritual star fleet engineer| | extracurricular lolbert

Honorary Otterman, Goodboi, Married, Gayboi, Artist, Love #Bitcoin - Big bro to @thebrownsun & @DandyDook little bro to @MeOwOser +18 only- pfp by @Cece13116014

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Narcissistic Skeleton, Edgy, shitposter. Super Villain to the universe.

| Streamer E-Girl I guess | YouTube Uplolder (soon™) | Artist | Comedian(?) | Pro-fun | 🏳️‍⚧️ | Biz Mail: [email protected] | Follow≠Endorsement | I condemn all riots and all forms of violence | I do not, and would not ever incite violence against anyone | The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact |

I eat a lot of fiber so I fart constantly.

I'm here to post my shitty art. If you want some made for you then contact me because I'm not charging for commissions right now. This doesn't mean I'm going to design a character for you though.

Got kicked from Twitter so here I am. Aspiring artist and game designer.

Mother. Wife. Writer. Degenerate. Working-class MILF. Frequently posts NSFW content, so 18+. If you don't wanna see a lot of yaoi, don't follow me. XD Header art is NOT my work. Message me if you want the name of the artist I commissioned for it.

18+ Content - Robosexual - 12th President of the U.S. - Radical Centrist - Millionaire - Hot Dad - Momcest Enthusiast - Art Director/Comissioner

it is me, @wet_sock__ from twitter. this is just my minds account, im mainly active on twitter.

Jan 2021
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