This is Ace Drewski the audiophile. I am the sound engineer and editor of a new progressive podcast based in Milwaukee WI. This podcast is for entertainment and comedy only - just for fun. Nothing we say here is 100% real life... Or is it? Thanks for giving our page your time, if your a real nigga, then smash that like button, give us a Scricizibe and enjoy the show. LOUDTALKMKE is available on all major podcast platforms including Google Podcast and Spotify. WE ARE LOUDTALKMKE

I am a sewing teacher and mom from Southern Illinois!

Liberty and Justice for All except for me I'm special

I'm from Colombia. Holding Minds Tokens. I love Minds.com

You Don't Need A Permit For A God Given Right

I.J.Fuqua "Snoops"
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I am an PA by profession, I also own a small real-estate company for working class people on the side. There's my image and name, come get some.

Hi, my hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gardener Homemaker Wife Mother Catholic Caregiver American of German heritage American nationalist Anti -feminist #tradlife #homemaking. Did someone you know complain that I blocked them for no reason? Do they post sexually explicit images? Yea, that’s why.

Dec 2020
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