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An enemy of death. A healer of scars. An aspiring omniscient. A thawer of springs. A dissolver of stone. A sovereign owner of 1/7 billionth of the world. Some cream of the internet. Far right. Anti; nihilism, abortion, circumcision, vaccination, birth trauma, intoxication, GMO, carbon chauvinism. red<blue cat>dog. Like; transparency, mirrors, coconut, banana, ginger, cat, evergreen, vine, fern, moss, lichen, springs, river, waterfall. Often dislike; comedy, summer, yellow, dogs, sunflower, black-eyed Susans. Sympathize with but am not currently; vegan (animal rights, not, "egg, milk, & honey, are innately bad for men", & environmental argument) , emo goth (dislike of A form delusional literal gaiety; social disillusionment; willingness to not fit in, not, culticness, exclusively dark aesthetic; body marking (piercing, tattooing, makeup, & hair dye)) , MGTOW (men's rights, & independence from women, not, disliking them, or foregoing relationships with them) , furry (representing personality by animal, not, beastiality, & using an animal aesthetic to make unusual sex palatabler).

Today's solution maybe tommorow's problem

Near Death Hell Experiences

a decentralized art collective ⚘

Low Carb - Health and Life Motivation™ (LC-HLM) is a way of eating that uses combination of low carb diet, keto diet and carnivore diet to lose weight. LC-HLM envisions to help individuals achieve their ideal weight by eating food that is high in protein, high in fat and low or zero in carbohydrates, that is nutrient dense and more healthy as compared to conventional balance diet. The goals of LC-HLM are to inspire and motivate people to do their way of eating properly and make a lifestyle change to prolong their life. DISCLAIMERS: All information and resources found in this channel are based on the research, opinions and personal experiences of the vlogger who practices this kind of diet. Those who want to try our way of eating should consult a doctor before making any lifestyle or health changes especially those who have medical condition. The vlogger of this channel will not be held liable to anyone.

Retired Law Enforcement 31yrs.. 19yrs Investigations Currently own & Operate Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute in Windsor Ontario Canada & Bridgetown Barbados Caribbean

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Oct 2019
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