Conscience Constellator

An enemy of death. A healer of scars. An aspiring omniscient. A thawer of springs. A dissolver of stone. A sovereign owner of 1/7 billionth of the world. Some cream of the internet. Far right. Anti; nihilism, abortion, circumcision, vaccination, birth trauma, intoxication, GMO, carbon chauvinism. red<blue cat>dog. Like; transparency, mirrors, coconut, banana, ginger, cat, evergreen, vine, fern, moss, lichen, springs, river, waterfall. Often dislike; comedy, summer, yellow, dogs, sunflower, black-eyed Susans. Sympathize with but am not currently; vegan (animal rights, not, "egg, milk, & honey, are innately bad for men", & environmental argument) , emo goth (dislike of A form delusional literal gaiety; social disillusionment; willingness to not fit in, not, culticness, exclusively dark aesthetic; body marking (piercing, tattooing, makeup, & hair dye)) , MGTOW (men's rights, & independence from women, not, disliking them, or foregoing relationships with them) , furry (representing personality by animal, not, beastiality, & using an animal aesthetic to make unusual sex palatabler).
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