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Classical liberal, centrist minded American, that highly values reason over feelings

Gaming blog dedicated to need for speed. 23

I’m a down to earth and easy going man with a positive mindset,I see life from the brighter side and always up to try new things

“You can’t make a frog richer who already have a great sun and have a pretty lake with green leaves, insects and flowers! He is already the richest of the richest!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

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I am a designer and sculptor and I have worked in film, advertising, museum display, entertainment crafts and in education. I currently live in Pembrokeshire where I am developing an off grid clay cooker that is a cheaper way to cook food, distil water and dehydrate food using liquid fuels. ---- ------Thanks for your Support------ @Southerndream @Lisha @centristaf @karencommane @JudahKessler Natural Cures: Positive News: Worldwide Awakening:

Creator of the series: Q - Plan To Save The World. Because humans do not naturally exist in a state of conflict... it's always been [THEM]. 11.11

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