Catholic+crypto bro+degenerate (it's not fully built yet but it will be soon(ish))
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Artist and musician
Floofy lynx. Big tufts. Massive bappers. Photography, sports, tuna. 💙@Beiny💙
german-american fox boi who likes dancing. nicht viel koennen mich verstehen aber whatever. adi was simping for röhm and had him killed because he didn't want to come off as cringe. lol. MUSIK : SCHREIB:
I'm just a mouse. My name's Gil, I love NSFW and discourse on important matters, too. Problematic, free, sometimes serious sometimes joking. Will mainly post characters' stories and 3D NSFW, probably. Pixiv page:
The Warriors Among Us.
🔞MOTHERFUCKER SUPREME🔞 🦊🦊 🎨Newest art is always pinned🎨
Scouse poet extraordinaire
Wassuuuup!! I RandomPics_5656, but you can find me @mcnugget_5656. My favorite color is yellow. Also, I will post random things. So just bear with me. If you want to email me, all you have to do is sub and get Mind Chat, then hit me up!
ケモノ好きこころを大切にする党 我爸是李刚 Trickster moogle Super Straight Welcome to the Land of Stolen Memes
My honorable patron for this moth is: @SkylerBearGunn I'm an anarchist agorist, a furry, an weeaboo and a programmer. The most controversial character ever, unless you are a free thinker. In that case you are free to be my friend.
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