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I'm barely active here nowadays but i still wont abandon it. ------------------------------------------------------------- The TF2 Reanimated project video:

If you'd like to purchase a copy for my book, you can find it here (si te interesa una copia de mi libro, encu茅ntrala aqu铆):

People's NDE Testimonies To Hell & Back

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Patrick Witherell: Writer - Photographer - Storyteller A libertarian in search of a truly "free-speech" platform. pokfactory is my creative outlet, feel free to contact me for collaborations!

'Kindly remember: the ridiculous hype that offends so many is not of my making.'

I'm an indie game developer with a serious '80s and anime addiction.

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human supremacist (unless the emergence of a space-adapted race of humans should be confirmed, in which case - sieg zeon!) I like memes without words. 07 Pizza is literally a perfect food capable of satisfying all diet requirements and meal types. 鉂 馃崓+馃崟 if you still have the lightbulb as your profile image, I am less likely to subscribe. I'm also wary of people who subscribe to me without ever having even 馃憥 a post of mine

Twitter refugee, I post anime content and my art

喙勦浮喙堗箘喔斷箟喙喔涏箛喔權釜喔ム复喙堗浮 喙勦浮喙堗箘喔斷箟喙喔涏箛喔檌o 喙喔涏箛喔權箒喔竸喔涏副喙堗笝喙傕笚喙喔勦笝喙喔夃涪喙

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