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The "Poorman Photographer". A free range human living in the Greater American Southwest. East Coast escapee, college dropout, incorrigible nonconformist. Stop by and say hi!

UNI {one} VERSE {rhythm, song, poetry, word / logos: intellect, reason, mind, consciousness} Sound resonance constitutes the fundamental essence that binds all atomic matter into existence.  ​ The universe whole is a musical symphony echoing through the fabric of space-time that composes matter to its own unique resonant signature and thus gives structure and purpose in material form as musical expressions. ~ ​visit us at somaspace.co

I find cool pieces of artwork from the internet and post them here. I did not produce these. #Art #Aesthetic #Psychedelic #DigitalArt

นอนบ้างนะบางที เดี๋ยวจะเป็นแพนด้า 😪

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Hi! I am a Charcoal Artist. Warm welcome to my channel. Through my Charcoal sketches, I try to create an emotional connection between my subjects and the viewer either by means of an expression, a thing, a place or a portrait. I use charcoal so I can pare my drawings down to basic elements of light, dark, texture, detail, and composition. Charcoal is the most primitive of media, but its warmth, depth and versatility are tactile and mysterious. The range between Black, which is the absence of all colors and White, which is the presence of all colors is very wide and yet to be explored completely. For creating different textures, I use various tools like stumps, cotton balls, make-up applicators but rarely fingers to prevent them from oiling up. I sometimes use the blending tools with charcoal powder to sketch and use charcoal sticks and pencils only for the finishing touches. Sharp erasers pull charcoal out of the dark areas and soft erasers provide more subtle highlights, although once I’ve marked the paper I can never go back to pure white.

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Okinawa, Japan
May 2020
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