boy called Tommy

Front man and guitarist of MINATORE, Bassist of Turbulent Hearts, drinking beers, smoking cones, good music 🦆

Am a supplier of loud⛽,carts and blunts ready to go 📦 add me up on snapchat👻: theplugsplug04 to secure your order🔥

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Blakgraz combines rock, blues, country, western, blue grass and jazz to create a unique listening experience every time.

one men show company, focused on excavations with my fancy excavators

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banner image courtesy of @harp609 be sure to subscribe !! this is really cool i'm learning How to Encrypt All the Things @csharpner's website, 9/13/19 just found this very interesting website : 11/6/19 this website has up to the minute posts : 11/22/19 as of today, 135 posts under Invasion of White Lands : Formerly pinned post (w 50 comments):

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