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Steven Crowder
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YouTuber, creater and narrator of The Script Doctors Live. What is the Script Doctors? We are a bunch of geeks that read Movie/ TV scripts live, adding our own take on the stories. Join us for a fun time, and in these days we all need to laugh!

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I have a huge passion for forgotten, overlooked, under rated and obscure films and T.V shows. "Daddy" to Bobby the mischievous and multi talented Spaniel.

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Home for Youtuber & Fan Of All Things Gaming The Quartering

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Wanting quality and enjoyable entertainment is not a crime.

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I am the critic who is a cynic. I talk about movies and the culture. The home of OMB Reviews and The OMB Report.

Freedom. #2A. Geek. Gen X. Werewolf. Pop Culture fan. I simp for Superman and Jon Snow. President of the @SirTalksALot Fan Club. Header found online. Artist: Emanuel Baran profile photo found online (I can't read the artist name.)

Jan 2021
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