Steven Crowder
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YouTuber, creater and narrator of The Script Doctors Live. What is the Script Doctors? We are a bunch of geeks that read Movie/ TV scripts live, adding our own take on the stories. Join us for a fun time, and in these days we all need to laugh!

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Some calls us Normies, yes i am a Normie but a Normie that is critical of what is happening to our Culture, our Franchises that have been ultimately destroyed by Cultural Disgard by people that, have never experienced anything, they think they are writing on things that ppl want, when in fact that is not the case. It is why i created this channel, to focus on that which has been destroyed, exploring other things, to alternative entertainment and much more....

Watching our new Overlords kill independent thinking one Tweet, Youtube Video, and Facebook post at a time. Morons need not apply.

Loving wife. Cat herder. Free thinker. GenX. I value science and sense making. ***"Don't be lasagna."*** #starwars1977 #startrektos #doctorwho #petercapaldi #xena #buffy #lobo #jaws

Sci fi and horror fan, Doctor who , star wars , star trek before they went woke . Liverpool f.c . formula 1 . gta5 .rdr2 The walking dead.

Jan 2021
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