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PARALLEL STRUCTURE. New, Little Known and Alternative views on science, medicine, philosophy, health, economics, history, archeology, but not politics please. (this site was not intended to be a political sounding board but we have made concessions due to the blatant tyranny being imposed upon us at this time. Please understand that not all political posts will be approved)
A place for open discussion. The emphasis is on learning from another's perspective so please source when you can and be prepared to explain your position with respect.
www.breitbar The one thing you need to know about MINDs is it is directly funded by George Soros and Soros' proxy, Byrne, sits on the board of MINDS. 💡 #NEWS
An open group for the minds community. A place for you and your friends.
News and information about The REAL Matrix (past, present, and future) "The Codex" posts/blogs that I share contain NECESSARY #redpill information in order to decode #TheRealLifeMatrix (including who they are, their involvment in history and the present, and what their plans are for the future). ~Neo Hunter Corruption, conspiracy, the technocracy (including banksters, corporations), transhumanism, surveillance, the control grid, authoritarianism, geo-engineering/terraforming, technology (including AI), GMOs, spiritual warfare, mind control (including propaganda, drugging, indoctrination (aka education)), population control (including the dumbing down of the people, mind control, eugenics, depopulation), biowarfare, WWIII/World War 3/WW3, Albert Pike, unplugging from The Matrix, Christianity (the war on Christianity, prophecy, The Bible is a holograph), bluepills (SJWs, sheeple), CERN, agents of The Matrix (The Deep State, Luciferians, Hydra, Illuminati, Masons/Freemasonry/Freemasons), forbidden history, the Mystery Religion (Nimrod/Osiris/Gilgamesh, Semiramis/Isis/Ishtar/Libertas/Liberty/Madonna/Columbia, and Tammuz/Horus; Babylon, Tower of Babel, Baal, Molech, Jacobins, Metatron's Cube, Flower of Life, Lucifer, Antichrist, The Eye of Saturn, Saturn's Cube, The Kaaba Stone, The Ishtar Gate, Satan, NWO/New World Order)
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We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion, Exspect Us ! We Share Anonymous News, From ALL Around The World !
Welcome to Meme Supreme!! We're here to blow Sunshine up Your Ass 'til you Puke Rainbows! The rules are simple: Post Funny Memes. Minds TOS are in effect and enforced. Extraordinary Abuse of Power: No Infographics, Robo-Ho's, or Threats! Healthy debate is boolshit, but werdz iz werdz, so solve your problems with insults and mockery! If you don't like something, too bad! Ignore it and move on. If it got past the Algorithms and the Admins, it's Lawful Free Speech! If you're the lucky one or two people that get to see banned content BEFORE it gets Reported/Deleted/Banned/Raided, then do us all a favour and bring it to our attention, and you'll see we act swiftly to maintain our integrity and good standing. Have fun and play nice out there!!!! Or be a Dick, and enjoy having your Ego, Identity, and Self-Perception Grievously Molested. Absolutely zero blocking of Owners or admins. Owners: @AdamBaums @myincal Doorman: @jhafarI Admins: Invisible Ninjas #memes #funny #InvisibleFfckingNinjaz Group founded 10/18/2018
Got a story you think the world needs to know more about? Something the MSM has largely ignored? Politics, religion, pop culture, health, activism, lifestyle, the paranormal; pretty much ANYTHING goes 3 POST LIMIT PER DAY. SPAMMERS walk the plank (or WORSE) ALL Commercial items require 1 TOKEN Wire Donation #PIRATE #RADIO #PODCASTS @PirateRadioNetwork #YOUTUBE #SKYPE #livestream
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