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Drilling into the Mind of an SJW - Part 2: The Rabbit Hole of Misery

RealNewsApr 30, 2018, 11:37:00 PM

Podcast-Version: You can now listen to me reading it instead of having to read yourself.

This is part 2 of the series on the inner workings of the SJW mind. If you haven’t read the first part which shows all the theory behind it I suggest you do, as the current blog builds upon its predecessor. You can find it here (now also as read podcast). There I explained how I think the mind of all humans, not just SJWs works in general, but today we will take a look what forces drive the mind of the people who seem to go against all logic and reason. Please note that this is not meant as a generalization on all SJWs. It is a description of the worst case of it. Many will not have the complete “package” but depending on how far they have gone some will come very close to if not entirely fit this description. This is also not an attack on them. It is a psychological analysis to the best of my current abilities. I have put a lot of effort compared to what I usually do into this and would say that in terms of content quality it is by far my best blog so far.

Before we start one addition to part 1 that I realized only after it was written. It came to me while working on this very part:

Generally speaking, the less difference between Core Truth (CT), Self-Perception (SP) and Distorted Image (DI) exists the less stressful the daily life is. If discrepancies become too high, the membrane layers Protective Ignorance (PI) and Private Knowledge (PK) start to leak the truth. One cannot cover up everything, neither in front of others as they will, no matter if it’s only slowly, find out they are being deceived, nor to oneself as our own conscience tells us the truth, whether we want it or not. It will constantly try to remind us of what is right, what is wrong, and where we really are on the scale. The bigger the difference of these layers and the more fragmented, the more stress is put onto the body and mind alike, creating an unhappy, lie-based life. Stress, in any major study, has real-world effects on the entire body and often increases the vulnerability to sickness both physical and mental.

Reference Chart

Drilling into the mind of an SJW

Part 2: The Rabbit Hole of Misery

Layer 1: Distorted Image

As before, we will drill down from the outer layers to the inner core. So we will start again with the DI. Just as a quick reminder: This is what a person thinks another person thinks of the former. When you come into contact with an SJW they will try to create the image that they are superior to you. No doubt about it. They will try to do this though moral superiority, why we will see when we drill down further.

Moral superiority is all they ever talk about. Their ideals (multicultural, homo-phile, trans-phile, etc) and ideas, they always try to show the good in all that is “new” and “trendy” while at the same time hating everything that is in their view old and outdated. This is why they also call themselves “progressives”. But all of that has the slight flaw that it simply doesn’t work.

I touched on this a while ago in a blog called “Weaponized Perfectionism” (see here) that gets into how they can only think of the Utopian end-state where everything settles the way they hope without realizing that the bridge to Utopia has collapsed and they are blindly running over a cliff. Their efforts are similar to trying to trap a beam of light in a small box of mirrors: Even if the mirrors are perfect (no loss of energy, no loss of light focus during reflection), the time it takes to close the box is so long that the light will simply reflect until it either escapes or hits whatever it originated from. But they think only of the theory that, if you had a box of perfect mirrors on the inside you could trap light. It’s just not possible to do so, the method doesn’t work. Everyone who gives the matter some thought will eventually come up with this result. That is why most people look at the unhinged mob at some of the rallies and instinctively want to get away from this ideology.

The next thing might surprise a few people: They know it’s impossible too. But they still act differently. Why we will see in the deeper layers. But moving on from the DI: The people this layer is presented to are mostly their “fellow” SJWs and people they want to convince or dominate. Among “fellow” SJWs each one tries to one-up the other with perfection in the openly impossible quest for purity and while in theory there is nothing bad about this (the same force drives free market, exceptionalism and innovation) if it becomes all facade and no real substance behind it the result will be collective misery. Modern times and especially social networks have played a large part in this. People are bombarded with the “awesomeness” of others that are often already exaggerating. Unable to compete they can only turn up their volume and make themselves bigger than in reality, and so the noise level only rises among highly competitive communities like the SJW one. It goes back to the “alpha drive”, the instinct of basically all life on earth to dominate its peers and be on top (mostly for reproduction). Moving on:

Layer 2: Private Knowledge

While they try to keep the facade of perfection to fit into their vision of the perfect Utopia, trying to align with their own unrealistic expectations they do know just how much they are covering up. A lot of them not only know they have done in their own view despicable things that would get them kicked out of the club (or rather cult), but also that they are lacking. For a weaponized perfectionist the worst thing might just be realizing that they cannot ever be as perfect as they want to be. They have “bad thoughts” like for example “what if I am wrong and [insert any dissenting voice they recently heard] is right”. Imagine the pure state of mental distress of the thought police when they realize they themselves violate their own rules. Then image how much worse it gets when the veil of lies that the thought police keeps up to justify itself and its claim to power gets pierced by the very people they want power over and the dirty truth leaks out. This is why dissent is the worst thing that can happen to any injustifiable power structure. Worst-case scenario: Any more tensions to the cover could make the holes rip and open an entire section.

Thus PK only serves the purpose to make others look up to that individual in a desperate attempt to keep up the show and put lipstick on a pig. This alone creates intense unhappiness in people as layed out at the very start of this blog, talking about the “leakage of layers”. The process of “keeping the image” only limits ones possibilities when engaging with a third party in front of the people the image is direct to. This is moderately fancy wording for “why some people act like a total scumbag in front of others but are totally nice when alone”. They try their best to keep up the image of being tough while they may not be at all. I am going to assume everyone knows this from school, so here’s the example to clarify:

The main problem with this is that the best case scenario “only” hurts the relation between the bully and the bullied, though they could in fact be friends if it wasn’t for the rest of the school watching. The worst case is that the bully not only loses all possible positive ties, past, present and future with the bullied but that his hypocrisy gets exposed and all turn their backs on him. This is a partial collapse of the DI and exposes the PK underneath, which is bad for the bully. Thus very often this kind of situation leads to doubling down. They say to themselves “Ok, if this is going to hurt the victim I better make it count and shed all doubt others may have in me!”. Certainly not all bullying but a part of it and certainly why it sometimes escalates is due to this.

In essence every PK-DI construct is a lie for a specific person or group in a specific situation and context, we all do it without even realizing. It’s part of normal human social behavior, in most cases it will be negligible. But over sometimes decades a lot builds up that, when exposed, puts relations to others to the test. A good example is when old habits are exposed, like having an affair with someone else than the “official” boy- / girlfriend (or even husband / wife), or an addiction or affiliation the family or friends are openly opposed to. The worst may not be the fact that whatever was going on happened, it is all the lies that are now exposed.

Layer 3: Self-Perception

If you could get an honest answer from an SJW asking them “How would you describe yourself?” or “What do you believe in and why?” without the filter of PK, they would most likely answer “I don’t really know myself”. But other than that there is a surprising lack of “tangible” content in the SP layer. All their effort is not put into building a character that has ideals, convictions or steadfast believes that withstood the test of time and questioning from all angles, it is because they need to be partially fluid in order to keep creating and maintaining their PKs as well as accepting whatever the most recent “highest purity” is. More about that at the end of this blog.

This is also where the famous Orwellian “Double-Think” comes from. To shortly explain: This is the concept of believing a certain thing while also believing something that is in directly in conflict with it. Basically, as a visualization, believing racism is the worst thing ever and then talking about how bad white people are, with the belief changing based on the context and/or the people involved, often oscillating in a matter of seconds and less.

The explanation here is that SJWs have fragmented their SP layer into as many fragments as needed in the same way that they have many PKs to fit many DIs. Fragments aren’t fixed either, they change whenever needed. This is a bit confusing, but I’ll try my best to explain:

The amount of DI layers corresponds to the amount of people, groups of people, situations, contexts and much more. Each DI is kept up by its own PK. And with such a great amount of PK-DI constructs it has become impossible to keep it up having just one SP. Normally you cannot believe that skin color doesn’t matter and that white people are inherently bad at the same time, but you can have two SPs, one for when you talk in the context of colonialism and segregation (and all its associated PK-DI constructs) and one when you talk about everything else (and all other PK-DI constructs). It strikes me as very schizophrenic, though no additional personalities need to be involved.

Finally, it is important to notice that context matters as much if not more than the people talked to when selecting the current PK-DI construct and its corresponding SP. They can literally when asked “Does skin color matter in any way?” deny, but a second later when asked “Should we fight white privilege?” they will be all for it.

Layer 4: Protective Ignorance

As we get closer and closer to the core it only shows to what lengths an SJW goes to “fit in” with all the others and how much damage this causes to their mind. In the same way that they create PK-DI constructs for others around them they had to create multiple PI-SP constructs to maintain a straight face when managing the varying “packages” of PK-DIs. As a result, their PI layer is also fragmented. The same way that every PK creates its own DI every PI creates its own SP. This is how they hypnotize themselves to buy into every narrative that fits their goals. The longer this process continues the more fragmented and fluid everything becomes and the more difficult it gets to reverse or repair the damage caused to the mind.

In fact, I’m not sure if it’s even possible to help them after a certain point. This is why in other blogs before I said that in the future, when the cultural war is over, we might just have to put these people into mental institutions that maintain their illusion until they die. Because if the PI disappears and all the over years aggregated tension explosively hits the SP it will most likely destroy their mind entirely, punching through all layers. This is the mental breakdown I talked about in the previous part. Then again, it might be possible to employ a “Tabula Rasa” strategy and on purpose let it all collapse, trying to build a working mind on the ruined SJW remains. Another way could be using powerful amnesia-inducing drugs, or maybe a combination of it all. I’m open for input on that, but before you write your suggestions please read this blog to the end to understand just how extensive the damage is.

If left to reality, they will most likely split into the people that can mentally survive the realization that everything they believed up to now was wrong and those who go mad from it and lose their mind, commit suicide, go on killing sprees or in other ways harm themselves and others around them. Because they are wrong, and in their innermost sanctum they know it – which brings us to the final layer:

Layer 5: Core Truth

Deep, deep down, so my theory, SJWs know they are wrong. They know that they cannot possibly keep up the facade forever. They know how bad and rotten their entire mental structure is. This is what leaks through all the PIs into the SPs, and from there through the PKs into DIs as well as (explained in the previous part) directly from CT through PKs into DIs. The membranes cannot take the pressure. However they won’t accept that this is the case. They are too far down the hole to climb back up and so they see going down to the bottom and hoping for salvation as everything just gets darker and darker by the meter as their only hope. But the only reason why they can’t get back to the surface, in fact why they ended up in this state at all is because they are fundamentally lazy. More on that in a bit. All of this is the reason for why, when confronted with the truth their reaction is almost always and after a certain point in 100% of cases doubling down.

These are some of the realizations that they know in their inner sanctum but never want to accept. They are their inner voices of reason that torment them instantly as soon as the tiniest shift occurs in any layer:

Other people have real skills they acquired through hard work, but I have nothing worth to show. My only option is to claim moral superiority easily archived through forcing myself to believe the right kind of things. It can be done in a second and changed however I see fit. It doesn’t ever accomplish anything, but it lets me stand at least halfway tall around people with real achievements.

This is why their PI and SP layers have also become fragmented and fluid.

For my own ego (alpha drive) I need to stand at the top of the food chain, but I cannot do it because others have real skills and I only have illusions. But in modern societies I can get them to bow down to me if I pull out the shame card. They will look down on what they did wrong, even if I fail at many, many more and very basic things. Still, while they look down I’ll be looking up.

This is why they have to fight and have to put others down. It is the last remnants of their natural “alpha drive”. Finally it, in combination with the reasoning before explains what I was pointing to at the very start when I said they would always go for moral and only moral superiority.

If I were to put in the effort I perhaps could archive what they have, but it would require me to work for it. I am too lazy to work, and all others have a head-start that I won’t be catching up anyway. It will be better to intensify what I’m already doing.

This is why they cannot solve their problems. They would be capable of doing so, or at least being humans should be, but they are used to giving in and taking the easy way out. Always.

In the end, all my problems come from being too lazy to work, too lazy to change, too lazy to question, too lazy for reality. Making an illusion big enough for me to believe it myself (PI-SP constructs) will feel pleasant without the work. For a while. Until it collapses. But I am too lazy to even think about ways to avoid this problem now.

This is learned helplessness in its purest form.


And there you have it. The reason why SJWs act the way they do. This is their core, all of them have it in varying intensities, without exception that I’d know of. It is true that excessive laziness is the root of all problems, at least for them. From here, all can be explained. The way they act, why they can be total hypocrites, why they feel so horrible and dead inside. Why they lash out at perceived “Nazis” and “Racists”, why they always go for the next big hype and never look back to reflect on their actions or believes. Why they openly avoid all free thought that could lead to painful realization by their own choice. I touched on this quite a while ago, talking about the “self-sustained matrix” in a previous blog (see here). Why they look over open discrepancies in their (world)views and actions. Why they are so miserable and yet continue down the same path. The leakage throughout the layers causes them nothing but suffering. In a way words truly are violence to them. Truth is like a stake piercing the illusion they live and exposes just how much misery they have stored up as the tension between all their layers, from CT to DI and back.

The best possible metaphor I can think of is like having a two or three-week big dump stored up in your gut and constantly avoiding to defecate because it will hurt like hell. But every second only continues the suffering, damages the body and will make the inevitable result worse. They could solve their problems and at least limit the damage by pain right now for a limited time, but they don’t have the strength, courage or self-confidence to endure it. And so they only get worse and worse, fragmenting their mind, toxifying their social environment, building up even more of what could already kill them until reality, which never pulls its punches, comes at them with full force and the weight of all their discrepancies packed into the mother of all blows hitting them directly in their mental integrity. This would destroy all of us at a certain point.

The state of mind is very close to cognitive dissonance, a condition where a person cannot take an action due to a psychological hurdle. If they were to take the action it would go against in most cases their ego or convictions (like for example in current times it would be good to invest into gold, but for many this would mean accepting the possibility that the economy could crash. Thus they cannot do it, even though it would be best for them). But here it’s not normal cognitive dissonance, it is a highly advanced form of it. Where it’s no longer about accepting a single fact or going beyond the ego, it’s about going against all convictions and throwing away the entire world view. Something that would utterly end that person’s character. Even if afterwards a new one forms, the old at that point would’ve been absolutely razed to the ground. Still, the five-layer model also explains all forms of cognitive dissonance. Breaking it is the act of letting truth from the CT flow directly and unfiltered, bypassing the PI into the SP.

Understanding all of this explains why it’s so hard to shake them out of their daydream. It would require them to have courage against their worst enemy, which is themselves, when all they have ever done is taking the easiest road available. And as mentioned before, the longer they descend into what I call the rabbit hole of misery, the less possible will be the mere thought of getting back up. Naturally, there are people who would try to assist them. They would want them to wake up and get through, hoping that they still have a tiny fragment of common sense inside. I count myself among them. But this is a well-meaning attack on the SJW mind.

Their hate for all voices of dissent comes from the pain that they bring. The moment of bursting comes closer and they fear, with right, for their very lives. This panic gives them the vigor to fight against all that could possibly shorten the fuse. Every single time you see an SJW lashing out at people who try to help them it’s the instinctual self-preservation kicking in. It also makes SJWs extremely susceptible to quite literally ANY false prophet promising salvation at the end of the tunnel. Even if hope is slim or the con-game is obvious to anyone including the SJW him- or herself, they will go with it no questions asked. And so these false prophets that know how to manipulate have created their very own zombie army. They didn’t have to create a virus, all they had to do was incentivise laziness and convenience, telling these mind-infected that they are OK. Until they are far enough down the tunnel to no longer think of the way back.

I don’t know about you, but God do I feel sorry for people in this situation. I literally C A N   N O T hate these people knowing what I do. I feel empathy, I want to help them, but they want to prevent it. This is a mental disease where the cure could kill them and instead of taking heart and a chance they would rather just as comfortably as possible succumb. Anything to keep the pain out for just another second. So they hypnotize themselves, they ignore all that would lead to truth and have created a lie of a life just for themselves from which they hope they will never wake up. This is the reality of the existence of, again in varying intensities, all SJWs and most likely other groups in a similar state. I have to admit that at the moment I cannot think of other examples, you are welcome to add here.

Be warned: This is what “the easy way all the way” leads to. It is what constant cowardice makes a person. The ultimate destination of pure laziness. Do yourself a favor: DON’T. MAKE. THIS. MISTAKE. Question yourself: “What do I simply not want to accept? Do I bend myself to fit into a crowd too much? Who do I want to like me so much that I’d change for the worse? Do I have tension somewhere that I should relief before it gets too painful to do so? Am I procrastinating this relief process somewhere?”. Train yourself to break cognitive dissonance.

The way to happiness, or so I believe is having a low tension between your layers. Just as I mentioned in the very beginning of this blog. It’s a state of mind where you can live in a high degree of truth with others. Where you don’t rely on your image but instead your character itself becomes your image. In essence your DIs, SP and CT are as identical as possible. It would be as simple as finding the tension building up inside and releasing it. Just like taking a dump when you feel you have to and not wait until it gets worse. But we are humans. We like to avoid inconveniences and a little suffering, we like to push it back on the To-Do list and say “Oh, just a bit longer won’t hurt...” until it does. And then we cry like the little babies we are inside as we are confronted with the results of our actions. So how about we do something revolutionary: Solve problems while they are small. Let’s be honest and open to others we have wronged when it becomes clear instead having truth hang above our heads like the Sword of Damocles. Tells you one of the worst hypocrites that on a regular basis ignores all rules himself and in almost half an hour of monologue acts as if he knew what he was asking for.

Finally, please note again that this is just my interpretation of all. How the human mind works, how SJWs are inside and by no means think of this as “the only truth”. If you have any suggestions or additions to this, please write in the comments. Other than that I thank you attention and hope to speak to you in the future.