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The liberal hive: Echo chamber meets cult meets matrix

RealNewsAug 3, 2017, 8:04:13 PM

We all know that the pseudo-liberal progressives i call RIPs are truly steadfast in their world view. This is because of the fact that they are in a kind of hive mind. By creating a cult through the use of echo chambers many of those RIPs have been caught in a matrix that they keep alive themselves, due to a fear of awakening. The following will explain how the controller-elites can have such a powerful grip on RIPs even though every living creature in reality sees them for what they truly are and how their system of control works.


Matrix, cults and echo chambers

In an echo chamber, people keep reinforcing each others convictions and opinions. They all talk about the same, feel the same about everything and are generally coherent. This gives each member the impression that everyone else has the same opinions and convictions, thus it has to be right. The members then engage in conversation, echoing (hence the name) it all over and over again, reinforcing it in the collective mind. An echo chamber is kept alive by the resonance of all voices. Everything on a different "frequency" appears to be dissonant and feels like having a grain of sand in ones eye: It has to go!

Cults themselves can be defined very generally. Some could say that every group of people with the same interests that excludes others could be defined as some form of cult, though of cause the societies thought of as cults by most always are much more extreme. Members in hard cults keep their members in line by waging war on those who attempt to leave or do not submit to the cult leader any more. This can include theft of assets, physical punishment and torture as well as other measures to intimidate potential dissidents.

In the matrix (i assume that almost everybody knows the movie series) people have their mind "detached": while their body lies asleep, their mind experiences a controlled dream. Nobody knows it's a dream, instead the dreamers assume they live in reality. But there is always an individual or a group in control of the matrix, and for whatever reason the matrix exists in the first place the controllers are trying to keep everyone jacked in.


Creation of a hive

These three models naturally combine very well, since one thing leads to the other. They form a unity, and create a form of hive, and in the case of RIPs it started like this:

By demonizing a part of the general population for being racist, sexist and all other "-ists" two groups are formed: Those who buy into it and those who don't. The ones who do are the in-group, the exalted ones that are morally superior all the others in the out-group, who are downright evil. Members of any cult are much more likely to interact with other members of the in-group, because they seek it while often burning all bridges to non-members. It is no different here. Why would they be in the presence of racists and sexists instead of the superior social justice warriors and feminists.

This is where cult and echo chamber combine: The in-group keeps reinforcing the opinions and convictions of each other, to the point where reality no longer matters. Whoever tries to exit the echo chamber or voice differing opinions is immediately punished or expelled with the highest possible amount of damage to the individual possible, in this case being labeled as even worse than the other members of the out-group. How hard must life be for those feminists that only want equality and rightfully turn on the mainstream feminists for being nothing but man-haters.

The convictions and opinions inside the cult are resistant to reality. Every voice of dissent is shut off, everything opposed to the hive world view members experience is blamed on the out-group or higher force, and every convenient piece of information or event is automatically a proof that the hive is always right. This can go to a point where members act so irrational that they are willing to ignore their experiences in order to stay in the cult. We see this in case of a female German left-wing politician who was raped 3 immigrants and later apologized to her rapists for the racist society in Germany (source: here). She has in a horrific way experienced the results of rampant immigration first hand, yet still virtue-signals to the hive: "I'm still with you!".

This is where the analogy to the self-inducted matrix works very well: The members on purpose shut themselves down to reality. Even if someone from the out-group comes and tries to wake them up, the fear of doing so keeps them in line. If they where to believe the words of the outsider, or realize reality, then all that they know would be overturned. All their friends and those who pose as such would hate them, all their superiority would vanish in an instant. Their entire world view would collapse.

Most people (and i include myself here) will have to admit that accepting the fact that they have been wrong is hard. How much harder is it to accept that everything one believes is wrong? It is not only correcting oneself, it is overturning the entire progress of maybe decades worth of convictions, opinions and actions that is almost impossible to accept. As if one would exit the matrix and leave behind all they know, starting like a toddler seeing with their eyes for the first time. They would experience a total mental breakdown that is in some cases too hard for their precious snowflake mind to handle.


Control of the hive

This is the system that the controller-elites use to keep the RIPs in check. They have made it exponentially harder to leave with the time spent in the hive. It is extremely hard to convince people of ones opinion if they are willing to ignore reality and arguments based in reality. Labels like "Nazi" are being used to disqualify and shut down anything, be it word or action, from the members of the out-group. We are at a point where i believe that many of those people will ignore reality to the end of their lives. If i am correct, we will have to build specialized mental institutions that keep comforting the aging RIPs to prevent them from losing their mind entirely as well as damaging the rest of society. These people have become unable to exist outside of the hive and must be taken care of in a controlled environment for the rest of their lives.

The control system of the hive works by controlling its heart, the echo chamber. If one can freely modify what "frequency" it works on, for example putting a new narrative out into the hive, then the members of the in-group that are dependent on the hive will accept it without question. This is why fake news like the infamous Trump-Russia collusion have any support, even though it does not have a basis in reality. This is done via the MSM. They put out news, opinion pieces or reports to their target groups out of all available outlets at the same time, with the same content. The hive members pick it up and soon everybody will be talking about the new narrative.

The controller-elites know exactly how this system works and keep the RIPs under total control. They are the cult leaders, the hive queens, the controllers of the matrix that have everyone under their influence in a state much like a computer: They can be freely programmed, will never question their orders, masters or turn against either, and execute their programming without fail.


The fatal flaw

But like every system it has one fatal flaw: The law of entropy. There is no perfect system. You cannot wage war against reality forever, it always catches up. And so, the controller elites might think on their power-trip that they have absolute control, but they forget that every system eventually breaks down. The mistake they made is thinking that they could control all things using the in-group, and that it would absorb all members of the out-group in the possibly biggest divide-and-conquer plot ever. But the out-group has recognized the hive as a threat and is now moving to rescue all they can, and in the future will destroy those who are in control.

We can do this by confronting the hive drones with reality, with facts and with evidence. Mostly, they will ignore it, but even though they are inside this vicious system, they still are humans, which means that they still have a mind of their own. And this is why they have the ability to chose between staying in the hive or leaving it.


It is the duty of all of us to protect humanity as a whole by fighting against the controller-elites and their servants. It is our duty to the RIPs to try and awaken them to reality if possible. Most of them are not evil, they are misguided by design. With one wrong step, all of us could have ended up in their position.