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Moving Away From Facebook

markrwatsonDec 8, 2017, 4:57:22 AM


Moving away from Facebook:

A lot of people will say, I can't leave Facebook, all my family and friends are on it.

Now, stop for a moment and think.

How many of those people have you spoken to on the phone, or had a video call?

When was the last time one of them visited your house or you visited theirs?

People are important when they spend time with you. When they take an active role in your life. If you want to be close to someone that does not spend time with you, try to arrange times when you can meet. Is there always an excuse? Have you at least been with them in the past year?

Now, look at your Facebook friends, how many do you really have?

It's a much shorter list, in fact it is one that is probably already in your phone contacts or could be easily.

In that case, tell your friends on Facebook that you are leaving Facebook. Give them your reasons, and a deadline for your account to be suspended or deleted. See how many start to call you, or text you instead? See if any that have not reached out to you in a while actually do, Keep those in your phone, and even in your own handwritten personal phone directory (in case your phone gets bricked).

Now you know who cares about you, who you really needed and you can close your account. It should take less than a week or two.

After you suspend or delete, you will miss the habit of always checking into Facebook- it is a habitual ritual.When the urge happens, STOP YOURSELF.  Call or text your friend instead! Make plans to meet in real life. Hug them, shake their hand, touch them, let them know you really enjoy spending quality time with them.


Then, introduce them to Minds.com, explain that it is a different kind of social media, it does not want to create fake friends, or compete with real ones, and is not trying nor does it want to be a substitute for quality time. It is intelligent. Do this over drinks, coffee, or dinner.

- Mark Watson

Mark Watson @markrwatson, is an Internet Consultant, Blogger, Social Media Developer, and Idea Man located in the Central Ohio Area.  He is studying for Cloud Certifications @cloudfrontiers, (AWS mainly), and actively increasing in podcasting and videography gear. He was once asked by a previous employer if he was a Linux Bigot. Yes, he is. He has not needed Windows for anything since 1999 and you don't either. He is pretty much easy going on everything else. He is an avid small-L libertarian @napfdnhpr, ("The difference between a minarchist libertarian and a totalitarian is time preference on the downward slope to tyranny") and entrepreneur. Married to his third Wife, Tam @tamgraver, @adventuresofmarkandtam they live with Harvey, the black lab @harveythedog and Lexi May the Weiner dog, @leximay. His previous Wife, Mary died suddenly at 40 years old and so if you would like to talk about death and the broken glass of losing yourself, he can have that conversation. For deep or shallow conversation, he will join you with espresso @dailyroast, Wine @dailywine or a cigar @dailycigar. He is actively learning his way around the @Minds Platform @TheGreatGameOfMinds, @dailyminds, @Minds100K, @Minds80K, @Minds60K, @Minds40K, @Minds20K, and is working on #crowdboosting via @boostershot. If you find one or more of his Minds Channels beneficial and wish to contribute, he is set up with Paypal, Patreon, and of course, with Minds @markrwatson.

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