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Transsexualism, a tool of the Zionist-Marxist conspiracy

HitlerTheDankestMemeOfThemAllJun 17, 2018, 6:40:26 PM


My first real-life example here is a website run by a man who is a shell of what he could have been, misled by liars who never heard or understood the phrase "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".

Told the cure for his mental disorder was not possibly drugs and/or Cognitive Behavior Rehabilitation, but life-altering, risky surgery that cannot be reversed, he made a mistake by trusting those in positions of authority, something everyone does at some stage in their life, although not with such severe consequences. Realizing his error, he and those who suffered and learned their lesson like him have sought to educate the many unfortunate, ignorant sufferers who are falling into the same trap, yet are finding fierce, violent resistance amongst their peers, the LGBTQ community, and even the subverted Western Government agencies that should be telling them the truth but instead bows to pressure and pushes laws that enable this sick misconception.

These damaged people suffering 'Gender Dysphoria' (or more accurately Sexual Identity Dis-associative Dysphoria, because the entire concept of Gender is false, but as it's far too difficult to fit into each reference to it, I'll use the false, simplified name here and there instead) don't want to think about how their desperate, delusional beliefs of a "cure" might be just dangerous lies and wont help them at all, and so they often engage in shooting the messenger, an all-too human behavior as old as time.

The reality is Gender Dysphoria is not a unique mental disorder, there are other, very similar disorders that are classed as such and grouped together, yet no attempts to link them get made, there is in fact a whole spectrum of Dysphoria's, ranging from body parts like fingers or your face/ears/nose to your entire body, and all of which those afflicted suffer the same symptoms as those with Gender Dysphoria, especially in regards to suicidal feelings and desires. How and when these people develop the disorder can vary wildly, but the same can be said of Gender Dysphoria too. From children younger than 10, to men and women in their 40-50s who have led a normal life develop this disorder, sometimes due to a highly stressful trauma, the human minds ability to massively alter and change itself is both a blessing and a curse, a side effect of our millennia of evolution as a species.

How our minds and bodies deal with trauma of the soul is often with reactions like we've been physically attacked by weapons or poisoned by a snake, we simply aren't physically equipped to deal with alot of the mental pressures of modern society. This is the cause behind rises in all sorts of mental illnesses in society, however this blog is focussed upon a Disorder, not an illness. Illnesses can usually be cured, Mental Disorders usually can merely be managed or treated.




There is a strong correlation between these disorders, but little is being done to find the connection or the cure, a task for minds greater than mine, I have read essays claiming that having Dysphorias of any sort are a sign of a particular cocktail of mental disorders, often tied to hormonal imbalances in the womb and as infants, or sometimes physical or sexual abuse at very young ages. But the fact remains that only the GENDER dysphoria has been separated from the other Dysphorias, and has been labeled "natural" while all its Sibling-Disorders are still seen for what they are.

Should we then amputate a mans perfectly working arm just because he has a compulsion and doesn't like it? or do we do cognitive behavior therapy and attempt to keep him from making a mistake that wont be cured by surgery? The idea that just because it doesn't hurt anybody else and 'makes them happy' is justification enough is an insane concept, it's the same argument put forward by pedophiles trying to convince normal people that molesting children is fine if "the children consent and aren't being hurt", you don't enable an anorexic teen in starving herself, you don't let a heavily autistic child self-harm without trying to train or stop them from doing so, you don't let a pedophile defile a young child to satisfy his/her perversions, and you shouldn't let sufferers of Gender Dysphoria take hormones and mutilate their bodies in permanent ways, just to enable their unnatural compulsions.



For our second real-life example, let us go back in time, to arguably the start of this whole sordid business (the foundations for the very concept of 'Transsexuals' was coined by Magnus Hirschfeld, a homosexual Jew, his organization and works were burned to the ground during the NSDAP's rise to power in Germany in 1933, but the application of theory is what I'm referring to here), which is what it's now becoming, a profitable business model, selling the culture and identity of Transsexualism and the LGBTQ is big business these days, especially when you can pressure politicians into giving away millions of taxpayer dollars to their institutions, or risk being labeled homophobic.

Our example here is the sad life of David Reimer, which went wrong very early when an incompetent hack of a doctor maimed him and his twin brothers penises for life with botched, unnecessary, experimental circumcisions.

Then along came a spider, the sick pervert (((Dr John Money))). Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Money , scroll down to the controversies section if you're curious, and fun fact: he also coined the very PHRASE 'gender' in his thesis' on transgenderism, and yes folks, he's a Jew.) approached the family, tricked his gullible, trusting and very likely quite poor parents into giving permission and turned him into the first medical experiment for transsexualism, by removing his damaged penis and perfectly functioning testicles, then creating a pseudo-vagina unwillingly, and without consent on a small child. Alongside this operation he was given hormones and spent his youth being treated as a girl by his parents, family and school.

This abomination of an operation is considered a medical breakthrough moment that is the foundation of the modern understanding and approach to 'treating' Gender Dysphoria today, but David Reimer was never satisfied with this change despite the young age he was subjected to it (or the sexual abuse he and his twin suffered at the hands of the pedophile Dr (((John Money))) during 'examinations') and eventually killed himself. He even attempted to live as a male in adulthood, but due to the damage done to him as a child physically he was forever broken, and he knew it. He would have likely lived a much fuller life with just a mutilated penis, than with hormone alterations, loss of his testicles and penis, sexual abuse and the usual Marxist brainwashing being forced onto him, none of this with any kind of consent on his part, against for the most part an infant. My heart goes out to all victims of such abuse of the system by opportunistic perverts such as this monster, a man who died at an old age, never facing trial for his heinous crimes.

A dark, disturbing start to this whole grisly mess. It's well understood to those who study the Zionist Globalist movements that the *Camp 4/Elite Jews and their puppets seek to undermine and destroy the European races in every way they can conceive, long term and short, for a wide variety of reasons, in part through the subtle corruption and subversion of every system we as a western society rely upon, in this case our universally neglected and subverted mental health systems in the West, and supplementary groups that supposedly contribute to the progression of medical science such as organizations like the American Psychiatric Association. An Association that now advocates to mentally ill youths that rendering themselves sterile for life so they can never breed, with dangerous hormone therapy and irreversible surgeries is somehow a "solution" to their problems, and its just one of the many angles the *Camp 2 and 4 Jews take, their antipathy towards Europeans is soo complete they on some deep level instinctively engage in subversive actions almost unconsciously towards their host nations. And making the tax payers fund this abominable practice in many western countries through socialized healthcare? is yet another, although I'd label this a mere insult to injury more than anything else, such is their subconscious fear and loathing of us, and their dedication to the European peoples race-mixing with non-whites and our then eventual extinction.


This third example i give you is a poor 4 year old child, barely conscious of the world and their own existence, being put through dangerous hormone therapy by at best, unthinking parents brainwashed by Marxist theory, an ideology that seeks to undermine everything one would consider common sense from simply studying and observing nature, the animal kingdom and its processes. Or at worst, sexual deviants whose abuse upon their child has led to the manifestation of a mental disorder. This child will, very likely, statistically live a deeply troubled life filled with behavioral problems, mental problems and suicidal thoughts, i doubt the poor child will reach 20, especially if they start taking any drugs or accepting surgery. 'Gender Reassignment Surgery' DOES NOT reduce the suicide risk of sufferers of this disorder, any claims to the contrary are by default inconclusive due to the nature of the disorder and the lack of actual solid knowledge of how many people out there suffer gender dysphoria, many sufferers stay silent and do not act on their compulsions for many years, some suicides chalked up to simple depression or manic episodes could in fact be secret Gender Dysphoria sufferers taking their own lives instead, for example. Not to mention according to this leading psychologist ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/row/desktop/news/article-4111400/Children-think-transgender-autism-fixating-sex-says-expert.html ) children who are diagnosed as suffering body dysphoria could simply be suffering a  side effect of their un-diagnosed Autism, so they may not even HAVE the disorder they (or should i say their gullible parents) are ruining their lives to mistreat in the first place, and the parents should simply be understanding and wait out the obsession which will transfer to something else, in time, like most other obsessive childhood/teen phases.

I ask you all to simply look to nature itself for proof, as most Laws of Nature are self-evident and irrefutable. In the wild there are plenty of examples of mammals and other animals engaging with homosexual or bisexual behavior amongst mammal species of all kinds, thus it is easy to interpret same-sex attraction as a relatively normal or natural behavior (so long as it doesn't come about from sexual abuse at a young age that is, and admittedly i have issues with my national-socialist peers explaining and defending this, many find it difficult to separate degenerate Marxist homosexual culture with homosexuals themselves, but that's a topic for another day), but there is nothing documented in nature to indicate male or female animals are unhappy with their gender and seek to behave as their opposites, it simply has never, ever, been recorded. You can take wild animals out of the forests and domesticate them, or adopt pets and fail to provide them with their biological needs of suitable habitat and social interaction, and they often begin to exhibit mental illnesses that we as humans suffer, anxiety, depression, but they also fail to exhibit Mental Disorders outside of birth defects, which can happen with inbred, sickly domesticated breeds, there is no natural example of Sexual Identity Dis-Associative Dysphoria, there is nothing backing up the idea that it is natural, it's a mental disorder with limited solutions.

And to give a similar example, much like Gender Dysphoria, race-mixing is also an abomination, because it never occurs in the wild, all wild animals only mate with their own specific breed even if they have only a minor difference to other close-by sub-species, and in human society this only ever happens amongst animal breeds with extensive human interference (aka breeding dogs, mules, sheep, cows, skinless cats etc). Gender Dysphoria is basically a mental disorder with shared aspects of other well-documented disorders, and needs SIGNIFICANTLY more research to work on potential treatments and cures, because i admit there isn't a particularly effective, proven treatment out there, as things currently stand gender dysphoria is a condition one will have to suffer and manage for life at this moment in time.

I suggest a possible cure for those of European descent alongside the standard treatment of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and balancing your hormones correctly, (a harder thing to achieve than ever as western medical boards keep lowering what the "standard" level of testosterone should be in the average male, low testosterone causes all sorts of long term problems in any man just as with women and estrogen) is a strict dose of the Red Pill** and then a deep study undertaken by white sufferers of the mental traps they were lured into from their youth until their awakening by agents and puppets of *Camps' 2 and 4 Jews that are the root cause of many of your mental issues, learning the truth about our history and the hidden machinations of elite Zionist Jews that caused almost all major suffering and war in this world over the last few centuries, and the many ways Zionist and Marxist Jews seek to destroy our races, cultures and heritage, as well as why its important to understand our duty and connection to nature and all that is natural to our being, hit up a traditional Christian or Catholic church as well if you are so inclined, you never know what wholesome activities will help for certain, until you make a real effort and try it.

Attempting to inspire Gender Dysphoria sufferers to, instead of falling into the circumlocutory trap of forever feeling sorry for themselves, turn that pain towards instead saving their own families name, their people, race, community and culture, by getting married with members of the same-race and opposite-sex and having proud, well cared for children (assuming that they are at least bi-sexual if not hetero in sexual preference) and focusing their lives on nation, tribe and family, that is the best advice i can give to them.

I have personally interacted with a man who suffered gender dysphoria, then discovering the truth about the Jews and their lies, the globalists and the threats to his own race right before he made a horrible mistake with HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), he then found himself over time mostly cured by the desire to help save the European race, by getting married and having wonderful children, and lives a much happier, more fulfilling life as a result, brave man he is and a role model to all sufferers of this disorder, not the poor example of some broken down cuck like Bruce Jenner. If you can successfully change your perspective away from pursuing your own narcissistic happiness, having issues with your own life and body becomes trivial, the human mind is a powerful tool when used correctly. In the past those who didn't enjoy their life, or felt uncomfortable in society automatically gravitated towards living and serving others through organizations like the Catholic Church amongst many others, and while it worked then and should be considered an option, i don't consider it as viable today, for today we have serious birthrate problems that need solving primarily, we all have a duty to perform.

To any transsexuals reading this, i implore you all, when life has become too painful for you to live as you are, start living for others, start living for the sake of your proud heritage and your races' future, happiness can be found in doing your god-given duty, 10,000+ years of your families history and your ancestors struggles to survive and thrive so you could live and continue their line demand it, the burden is now upon YOU! Don't let the jews win, have white children, protect them from degeneracy, secure an existence for our people and a future for white children.

* https://www.minds.com/blog/view/647550510831771665
** Not the MGTOW garbage, it's learning about the ZOG, try reading the books below (bookdepository.com has all these available, or try pirating) for help on how our world has been led astray by the worst elements amongst us, and how by understanding the source of the sick ideologies that turned you down this path, you can then fight back;

The Culture of Critique

The Gulag Archipelago

A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind

The Myth of German Villainy

Hidden History : The Secret Origins of the First World War

Behind Communism

Mein Kampf (obviously)

Planet Rothschild: The Forbidden History of the New World Order