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Debating Marxist/SJW ideologies and White Privilege

HitlerTheDankestMemeOfThemAllAug 23, 2018, 10:18:13 AM


 Disclaimer: I'm posting this because i've read about 3 of these styles of blogs on Minds and none of them quite hit the mark, hope you enjoy.


The heart of leftist/marxist/SJW ideology is treating people differently in an effort to make them achieve and live the same. Equality of outcome is and always has been their ultimate goal. They don't actually care about fairness or justice in the way you or i think of those terms because they're beginning the thought process from a completely different premise. To us, a man should be judged by the fruits of his deeds and the way he lives his life. To them, a man should be judged by the circumstances of his birth and where he is born (race, income, gender, etc.).




So, what exactly IS Cultural Marxism?




Cultural Marxism is a politicized reference to the philosophy of Cultural Materialism, the label has nevertheless become a meme or a symbol referring to the philosophical principles of Cultural Materialist theory.






What is Cultural Materialism then?




Cultural Materialism (in the context of cultural studies) focuses on culture and sociology and makes the claim that all human behaviour, achievements and failures are a result of cultural and social "constructs"; not race, heredity, historical events or gender. Cultural Materialists assert that such social constructs or "cultural dogmas" are artificially contrived and ultimately material in nature, and that they are not inherent, but learned behaviours. Thus according to this theory, all human behaviour is malleable, and should be altered to meets the desires of their False God Equality.




The concept of Justice as I, and hopefully you too, understand it is a court of law, trials and evidence weighed up to decide a possible criminals fate, a reward or punishment for one's actions, while social justice is merely reward or punishment for one's inherent (dis)advantages. Understanding this difference is key to defeating and persuading leftists, because the latter premise falls apart under serious scrutiny.




SJW culture seems to operate as a giant narcissistic cult, with the weapons of narcissistic abuse (well documented in recovery forums) seemingly amplified across a standardized social structure that places emphasis on punishment for speech violations, "accountability", which in reality devolves into doxing and threats of violence, and gaslighting. It's incredible to me that many prominent SJWs accuse others of initiating violent harassment campaigns against them when they are the ones who insist on calling Sargon of Akkad "Carl Benjamin", his real name. They have a sick obsession with attributing ideas to violence and attributing peoples' names to ideas, regardless of their "endorsement" of them or not, in an attempt to discredit them. They display all the characteristics of narcissistic abusers (arrested empathic development, gaslighting, resistance to criticism, constant need for an audience, etc) but they are supported by (((large corporations))) and socially progressive organizations who either consist of these abusers in their leadership or just go with the flow to avoid taking hits to profit. We are on the brink of an upheaval of these people within our society and it cannot come soon enough.




You will never win an argument with an SJW/Marxist debating on their terms. The term "white privilege" presupposes an entire system of Marxist ideals regarding social class, race, and history. In other words when you are debating "white privilege," you are engaged not in a factual debate but purely an ideological debate with a Marxist. It is a genuinely racist ideology aswell, stating that all white people have “white privilege” is no different than claiming that whites are collectively superior to all other races, otherwise we would never have gotten into this position of “oppression” in the first place. That is usually my opening remark when i hear the term "white privilege? dont you mean white superiority? you can dress up your racism any way you like commie, but you are the one here saying whites are superior to other races, why else would they and most non-black minorities succeed in -Country of Choice- when blacks cannot?".




But really there is no magic one liner to defeat a SJW/Marxist, because it's an extensive, complicated, contradictory ideology which is grounded in a historical underdogs view of history, as well as child-like wishful thinking and massive delusions regarding inherent human nature.


If you really want to demolish Marxist/SJW's in debates you need to read up on history beyond the last several hundred years. Marxists/SJW's are largely pseudo-intellectuals that do not read source material documents and just rely on the heavily parsed pop culture history crap and propaganda peddled by Camp 2 Jews.

Don't fall into the trap of trying to Redpill SJW's on race, that will just trigger them into a hysteria of calling you racist, it's not productive, again pointing out their hypocrisy on race is better for making them seem foolish. Another point would be to bring up the christian bakery who refused to make a custom cake for a gay wedding, they are unanimously quick to denounce the bakery and approve of any measures to force them to not be "horrible bigots" but they are being wildly hypocritical and they quickly switch to classic liberty ideals the second the tables are turned on them, like the NFL hypothetically forcing their players to stand for the national anthem and not kneel, and they are expected to do or agree with something they ideologically cannot, basic philosophies of liberty alone can easily make Marxists look like foolish, nanny-state, ignorant oppressors. It's an easy way to trap them, once you bring up any topic where an SJW wishes to use the government as a bludgeon to make people do what they wish, bring up the gay marriage/NFL kneeling/gay wedding cake talking point where all the puppets claim "it has nothing to do with you", when it clearly does.


 A good place to start is just reading about the Roman Empire, and all the different Barbarian tribes that they fought from the Vikings, Lombards, Saxons, Goths, Huns, Carthaginians, etc. Within Rome you'll learn about their intensely class oriented system and how useful it was to administering their civilization, managing their populace, winning wars, etc. You'll also see key themes about how the dilution of the citizenry and loss of public spirit parallel the decline of modern Western civilization.




When you read about the multiple barbarian tribes you'll see that these cultures all were run by absolute alpha males who took no shit from anyone. You'll see that Rome was merciless in beating these guys down hard whenever possible, and turning them into slaves, literally taking their kids and selling them in the slave markets, and how this created resentments that culminated in widespread slaughter when the barbarians gained the upper hand.






You'll learn the details of how Europeans slaughtered and subjugated each other for thousands of years and that the notion of some kind of "Genesis White Privilege" where at some point Europeans magically appeared and subjugated "innocent natives and POC" is based on an intentional misconstruing of history.





When you expand your reading beyond Rome and the barbarians to ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, China, India, the Aztecs, Incas, you'll see their entire Marxist worldview was constructed to coddle the types of races that could never even win a war, let alone create a real civilization, and instead encourages them to retreat into a fantasy land of imagining that their victim-hood makes them morally superior to their apparent superiors, and more deserving of power and rights over others more historically successful than them.




We, the european phenotype races, are privileged in that our ancestors were indeed arguably quite superior to any race existing in the southern hemisphere of this world (don't let that slip though!), and that there is nothing wrong with that, or anything to be ashamed of, because it doesn't warrant punishment in any form, our ideas and ideals in a distilled, purified form should be studied and copied by other nations and peoples so they can one day enjoy the fruits of our labor, however the subversion and corruption of the West has made what we offer a very poisoned chalice, just look no further than the Middle East and the "democracy building" the USA has engaged in, for an example. Many developing nations and peoples no longer want to take inspiration from the West, as they see our current state as a way to destroy their way of life and everything they value, and they are not wrong.


Protestant countries have, or at least had, a rule of law that allowed for close to actual justice to be present in courts (sorry papists, but 10+ years ago getting in trouble with the police or government in any papist country meant you were completely screwed, just as it did in any brown or black peoples nation. Only Protestant nations, and specifically anglo-nations have, or had, a set-up that allows for the 'little guy' to win against the police, government, the rich, etc… though these days, with fools embracing Jewish money-worship and their False God of Equality, it looks like corruption and decay has claimed us all). We had ancestors who built great monuments, and the vast majority of whites belong to a historic 'Christendom' in which much was traded and shared; including the greatest inventions and innovations known to man, our racial trait of altruism works quite well when it's only extended to our own kind who share our own values. Again in Protestant countries, the 'work-ethic' has ensured that for many there is (or at least was before the recent Islamic, gypsy and "refugee" invasions) a comfortable standard of living. And then of course you have the fact that European people, on average, are physically stronger due to larger torsos and possess far more all-round general intelligence than the average non-East Asian, non-White, when they can learn in a productive environment or are taught correctly to use what skills they have, that is. The compassion and altruism instilled from millennia of Christian ethics also allowed for those of us struggling to survive to often be helped, and those who were great allowed to fly high, something which again has been ironically destroyed in the past decade or so because of the new False God of Equality which the establishment now worships, making it prudent to only offer such things to those largely unworthy of such assistance.





White privilege, aside from our genetic superiorities, is more or less dead these days, not to mention there was no problem with its existence in the first place, highly developed Western nations do indeed use resources at higher rates than the rest of the world, but created the majority of all technological and scientific progress in this world, or at least Scientists of European descent now achieve similar things working elsewhere in the world, we use what we are given in ways to improve everyones lives worldwide, for better or worse, as I've said before, without "whites" we'll never escape this world and colonize the solar system, and then the galaxy, mankind as a whole will wind up trapped on this world, with all it's useful resources we need to escape it eventually used up to fund a broken, corrupted and subverted (((economic system))) doomed to failure. Then we'll go the way of the dinosaur, and the earth will likely never support life again, after that.




Don't forget to mention that, in fact in many regards you are actively discriminated against for being white in the current year. All the benefits of having nations and technologies built by great ancestors, whose faith and moral ethics remain coded into us, is largely disappearing as the masses seek to repent of their histories and faiths and embrace the False God of Equality; something that is remarkably unequal and seeks merely to destroy and reduce everyone (but specifically native Europeans) down to a child-like state where they are totally dependent on the state for existence, an existence that will inevitably be denied us based on current trends, unless the European peoples collectively wake up very soon. Though for now we are the majority race throughout the West, we are treated by non-whites and by our own treasonous governments as maligned minorities, we get convicted and imprisoned with ridiculously out of proportion "hate crimes" that a non-white can commit with utter impunity and no fear of the same punishment. Our race as a whole has suffered hard under Jewish brainwashing and critical theory pervading every part of our lives, and we have lost our sense of community and tribal instincts, making us even further vulnerable and disadvantaged against the highly tribal minority groups that immigrate into the west, legally or not, it's how the Jews historically rose up within western societies, through shameless nepotism and cronyism, ignoring the law when it suits them, then turning to wielding it like a weapon to punish rival businesses, politicians and companies not in their inner circle or under their influence etc. The wild success of East Asians, Hispanics and Indians in our nations is due to their work ethic, their abuse of the system and similar traits of nepotism/tribalism, however it is less of a threat than Jewish power structures as they seek only to empower their families, there is no real sinister subplot behind it like with the Jews infesting the West.




Hopefully the rise of the new right wing parties in the West can avert some of this, but by all standards of measure, White Genocide is well upon us all, removing the brainwashing from your friends and family is essential to our mutual survival, and a future for white children. Learn to debate better, watch some general debate tips videos on Jewtube if you really want to improve, however beware, SJW's and Marxists wont follow classic debate rules and wont behave when you start trying to break down their lies, you'll need plenty of quips and snarky remarks, that aren't too offensive mind you, at the ready for their bad behavior. Sometimes a clever one liner has a far bigger effect than a well written intelligent speech, Trump used this fact to great effect during his campaign, considered the best ever run in modern US history by many, even his enemies.