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Dear Minds

Reverend HollidayJan 9, 2021, 8:43:56 PM

Dear Minds - Minds is my home and my family. While the experience has been dysfunctional at times I will always love this place and the people I have forged bonds. I will be here till the end.

Good Things End

With that said, everyone here must understand that all good things end, but they will definitely end under communism. "Minds" may be safe for today, but a time will come that will alter its fate as a free speech platform and refuge. These plans are already at work. 

Some of you think I am crazy or just spit talking. There is no doubt that I am a weirdo, but my weirdness has nothing to do with this equation. I have read enough history to know that history is repeating itself and freedom is losing to the incoming communist regime. 

I am a Realist

I am also being a realist. I see things as they appear. I do still have hope, but it is no longer in empty promises or the words of men. What has happened could have been stopped, but God did not allow it. That means I must accept providence and that this is God’s will no matter how much it sucks. 

When you fully understand what is happening then you must embrace the suck. I recently posted a blog concerning my current/future predictions based on the hostilities in our nation. I will stick by those predictions. Some of them are already being fulfilled. I am praying and preparing. You should too.

The Outcast

I have always been the outcast and I love cheering the underdogs. Why would I pick these two pseudonyms - "Reverend" & "Holliday" - to represent my persona? Maybe because I see things in a different light and at a different angle. Being outside and looking in will always change the perspective. I am both of these and I am neither. Chew on that for a bit. 

Adversity emboldens me especially when I am being openly threatened with violence. I do not deal kindly with bullies, but the threats going around today supersede anything I have previously observed or experienced. I will always stand against those that try to silence me through bullying or violence. Violence begets violence. You should remember that phrase. 

Hellfire Missiles 

When president elects threaten to use hellfire missiles on their citizens for exercising their rights then you know to take those threats seriously. That is an open threat of death and violence on a massive scale. I have seen what a hellfire does to a city block and we already know that Americans had no rights under Obama. Obama/Biden murdered Americans in other countries without a trial or jury. Imagine what they will do in America with the backing of China & Iran - two countries that want to kill and enslave us.

Our lives and the lives of our families (husbands, wives, parents, grandparents, and children) are being threatened with mass murder. The psychopaths threatening us are not hiding their intentions anymore. Even Congress is making murderous threats on anyone that has opposed the incoming CCP regime (Biden, Harris, etc). The party of love & tolerance wants us all dead or enslaved. Just turn on the news and listen to their rhetoric. 

Purpose & Declaration

The purpose of this current blog is to advise you that I will be staying on Minds - this is my "declaration of freedom". A lot of people have already left Minds for fear of what is coming. I am not leaving. 

I will be active on Minds until Minds ceases to exist or I am physically removed from the equation. That "removal" can mean three things - death, imprisonment, or rapture. I am only emboldened by the threats, so the more they threaten me the louder I will get. Mark my words - if I stop posting then I am probably incarcerated or I have been sent to God. 

I will be changing the way I create some content and I will be using this platform beyond just posting informative articles and videos. I will also be preaching like a Reverend in some of my content, so I can guarantee you that I will be offensive and politically incorrect. It is important that I take stand not just for Minds and freedom, but also for Christ. I believe as Christians we should be more like Dietrich Bonhoeffer in this era of history. 


Perhaps you think I am being paranoid. If I was only paranoid I would delete my account and go off the grid immediately. I would also have no tangible evidence to support my delusions and paranoia. 

Paranoia is often attributed with a psychosis of schizophrenia or other mental disorders. Paranoid symptoms include extreme fear and anxiety. Delusions also accompany paranoia. What then you must discern is if I am being paranoid or truthful. 

The last ten years I have been reading Social Media posts, liberal news articles from citizens, non-citizens, and politicians, and watching the willful & supported terrorism throughout this country. This has solidified any doubt of the intentions of those that are in power. I am not paranoid, but I am prepared for the inevitable. They will follow through with their plans to force us into submission through genocide.

This is Reality

This blog is bold and bleak, but this is reality. As Americans we are facing the loss of freedom on an epic scale. The loss of freedom always leads to slavery and death at the will of evil collectives. Communism is a death sentence. I will stand firmly until I am sentenced.  

I would ask you to join with me in this rebellion in your own ways. Whether through creative means or open publications stay with me. Nobody wants to die, but you must prepare for that possibility. The loss of life, liberty, and happiness is coming to city near you. The plague of communism will sweep through this nation and wipe out everyone that stands against the flow. 

I Am a Happy Man

I am a happy man. My life has been riddled with obstacles, failures, health problems, and disappointments. I have no regrets because I have learned and grown. I am happy and I love every aspect of my life. 

Those that wish me dead want to destroy my life and my happiness because of hate and greed. The group that preaches tolerance and love have nothing to offer but violence and hatred. You will be witnesses to their coming atrocities.

A word of warning to those that are threatening me and my family harm: I will not go quietly or easily when that time comes. I am at peace with my fate, but I will not surrender willingly. I am ready to die in the process and I will take some of you with me. In clearer terms - get right with God now because I will send you to meet him. 

Not Leaving

Again - I am not leaving Minds. I will stay here with the remnant that stays with me. I am only emboldened by the threats. If I stop posting, you will know why. One day Minds will be shutdown. Let us stir the pot and scream from the rooftops until that happens.

God bless you all - Reverend Holliday (Jon)