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Pray & Prepare

President Elect Reverend Holliday Jan 8, 2021, 2:04:11 AM

I greet you all in peace. Be at peace, my friends. Hold onto your loved ones and prepare for what is to come. 

I had no idea how far gone we were as a nation until yesterday and this morning. I had hoped in men to fix what was broken, but I was wrong to trust in men (Psalm 20:7). My only hope now is in Christ because I know what is coming. 

Our nation has been shaken to the core and we must prepare. Nothing that happens now should surprise anyone. If you are not in mourning of the death of this great nation then you need to be. The dream is gone and a nightmare is coming. I will continue to mourn the end of America, but I trust in God in the future. 

We permitted this to happen though our hearts and minds rejected the possibility. We have had many opportunities to repent and resist, but those fighting against us had a greater resolve. I am at peace now with what is coming. It can be slowed down, but it cannot be stopped. Those that try to stop it will be crushed.

We did not just lose a president - we lost our nation. The constitution is meaningless now and they did it by force and not by a vote. Eliminate the Bill of Rights and consider the repercussions of that single truth. Nov. 4th was just the prelude and we were all hoping in vain for truth and justice. 

My advice - get right with God. What’s coming will be worse than what you could have ever imagined. America is gone. Mourn her and prepare. I am praying more than I ever did before, but my only submission is to God. I accept what is coming, but I oppose evil at its roots. Evil will sweep across this nation like a tsunami. Get right with God and prepare. 

Predictions in 2021+

These are some of my predictions for 2021 and beyond. Some of these predictions are based on conjecture and biblical prophesy. Some of you should scroll on. You will not want to read this because you still have hope in something that was lost months ago. Our end has been assured since before we legalized murdering children. Christ is our only hope now because His promises can be trusted. 

  1. (2021) Embrace communism now or resist. Time to take a stand or kneel. Understand the weight of your decision. Understand that even in submission to communism your fate is uncertain because communists lie. Understand resistance will end your life and the lives of everyone you love. Our world will change rapidly. This is a warning of those choices. 
  2. (2021) The first order of Biden/Harris will be to eliminate Trump. They may even charge and convict Trump. That is possible. They have already set that stage. They have the judges and agencies to make this happen. He has made powerful enemies. Trump is done for life. He will never be at peace. His legacy will be destroyed. Pray for Donald Trump and his family
  3. (2021) Remember Hong Kong. Remember the protests? The retaliation of the CCP? Multiply that by a thousand. Once our new overlords convince the corrupted courts that Trump incited the capital invasion and the Feds plant evidence - they will come for his family and supporters. Like they did Roger Stone and General Flynn. Are you ready for the purge? The FBI already stated they will “charge those that stormed the Capital” and they are pointing fingers at Trump supporters. They will create/plant evidence that will make the Steele dossier look like a comic book. The media is even talking about "cleansing" Trump supporters. 
  4. (2021) Biden will be retired/removed. Not immediately, but soon. Kamala will be overlord and will probably be our dictator until the entire nation has been dismantled. 
  5. (2021) Welcome back to House Arrest! Return of the lockdowns. No arrest, no trial, and no convictions - go straight to jail. Consequences for not complying with federal mandates will be severe. This will occur almost immediately after the swearing in of our new overlords. People will be facing serious repercussions for not wearing masks and not staying home. You won’t just be fined or arrested, but you will also be branded a traitor. You will lose your job, freedom, and lives.
  6. (Coming) Gulags won’t immediately arrive, but they are coming and they won’t be called gulags. Expect a pleasant sounding name for Gitmo-like concentration camps - like “Retirement Villas”. They will use these detention centers to hold and torture Americans that speak out against the overlords. Americans will be slaughtered by the millions and the media and tech companies will hide the truth from the world. 
  7. (2021) Social Media/Tech tyrants Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Google, and others will be using their media sites and tech to hunt down dissenters. If you have not deleted your communist party accounts - do it now. Or roll the dice. I am no prophet - I have just read too many history books about communism and I know a lot about biblical prophesy. 
  8. (2021) Our freedom of speech will be outlawed without a fight. Wait a second. It already has been outlawed in many parts of the country and on the internet. Places like Minds, Parler, Rumble, and Bitchute will face government inquiries and eventually be taken over or shutdown. Hate laws will be extreme and dissenters will be deemed Haters and removed.
  9. (2021) The 2nd Amendment will be removed. They will start with AR-15s and all semi-auto guns. Eventually they will outlaw all weapons - not just guns. They may even ban ammunition. There will be dissenters, but those dissenters will be purged with extreme prejudice.
  10. (Coming) Betrayal. Brothers will betray brothers. Children will betray their parents and parents will betray their children. The government will send Minders to observe and report. We will either submit or be arrested/killed outright. 
  11. (2021) They will pack the court. The SCOTUS became obsolete the day they dissented against the Texas lawsuit. They sealed their fate. The court will be packed.
  12. (2021) Millions of illegals will be welcomed into the country immediately. The wall might be torn down or used against the Americans attempting to flee. Muslims from the Middle East and communists from China, Cuba, and other communist countries will flood the borders with soldiers, drugs, guns, diseases, and slaves. This will be immediate. Expect caravans of millions. Our streets will be overrun with invaders - we will be at their mercy. 
  13. (2021) Taxes, gas prices, and inflation will skyrocket. They will be increased beyond what anyone can afford as Congress will increase their own income. More companies will shut down and our country will degrade back into the Obama years quickly. The stock market will plummet and our pensions will "disappear".
  14. (Coming) The free market will be replaced with socialism. The overlords will get fat on the wealth of those they steal from and any money/materials we own will be confiscated. Our properties will be confiscated. Dissenters will be purged. Like in China - they kill dissenters and steal their assets. What is yours is no longer yours. You will only have what you own because they allow it, but they can take it anytime they want. That is how they see our lives. 
  15. (2021) Covid restrictions will usher in a dark age of mass control. This is biblical prophesy, yet still people denounce it. You will eventually not be able to buy or sell or travel or work without the “mark”. Whatever that mark might be - rest assured Covid will be one of the reasons. Like the never ending wars - Covid will remain their tool.
  16. (2021) If you did not want China as your overseers than that does not matter. China has already infiltrated every aspect of our nation and they are now calling the shots. The politicians, corporations, and media celebrities that supplied China this ability are now in power. We are at their mercy and they have none.
  17. (Coming) All religion will be outlawed if not sanctioned by the state. At first Religious institutions/leaders will be given an opportunity to submit under extreme restrictions, but eventually they will be part of the propaganda machine or outlawed entirely. Islam will be given a free pass as always. I suspect that the coming world religion - the global religion will be an eclectic one. It will be pro-Islam, but will be universal in non-Christian faiths. Christianity will be outlawed entirely and Christians will suffer the same fates as the christians that died under Nero. Christians - be strong in the Lord.
  18. (Coming) Forced submission to the NWO. This is inevitable. If you still believe that our overlords won’t use violent force against patriotic Americans, then you missed the tear-gas and flash bangs hurled at the people outside the capital building or the veteran shot by capital guards. Did you not hear about the three other people killed? Did the police use that force in June when DC was being burned to the ground? An unimaginable force is coming and no one will escape it. 
  19. (Coming) The internet and telecommunication will be controlled and tightly monitored. Like at the Trump rally yesterday. Some entity blocked internet & phone service right before Antifa/BLM entered the Capital building, yet videos of “protesters” “storming the buildings” managed to still be transmitted. That is how China spreads propaganda. You only see what they want you to see and they cut off everyone else. 
  20. (Coming) Education will be forced and homeschooling outlawed unless part of the state agenda. Not that this is much different since we have been controlled by the agenda of the state since the installation of the Dept. of Education, but it will be much worse. There will not be options.
  21. (2021) As we saw in November and January, voting no longer matters at all and never will again. The fraud we saw in PA, MI, GA, and other states will be adopted nationally. States that refuse will be blackmailed or forced into submission. Dominion machines will be used everywhere and elections will be chosen not won. Like pro-wrestling. 
  22. (Coming) Devolution into total chaos. Through all of these acts our country will devolve into violence and chaos. The resistance will be futile. Repent and prepare. 

Again these are my predictions. Dark, but what I believe is coming. Many of you profess faith, but few of you believe in Christ. All of these predictions are laced with biblical prophecies and historical context. You can continue to choose your own way, but the end will be the same. 

Turning Point

We are at a turning point of the world, so it is time for me to be more like a Reverend. I have always been honest about my faith, but I have never proselytized on Minds in the same way I am doing today. I believe we are witnessing the end of our nation and we as a planet are heading towards the tribulation mentioned throughout biblical prophecy. You can contest that, but at least take heed. My opinions might be wrong, but God is always right. We cannot escape what is coming. 

For Christians

For my brothers and sisters in Christ - may we be a light in the darkness. Darkness is coming. Remember we thrive in adversity and God shows His might in our weakness. Offer hope and help to anyone in need. You are in my heart and prayers.

For Non-Christians

For my friends outside of Christ. Repent. Turn to Christ before it is too late. Get right with God and prepare. My arms and my heart will always be open wide to you no matter your choice. You are loved - that will never change. 

God bless you. Reverend Holliday (Jon)