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Official Minds page of Alexa Bliss. Engaged with @buddymurphy
Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

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COO at Minds 馃挕

love conspiracy theories, I have dedicated my entire life trying to understand God, immortality, eternity, who we are as eternal souls, the game of life, don't let me be lonely on here, talk to me. provides OCR, document conversion and document scanning services for businesses. We convert paper documents into digital formats. Click here for more information:

Trending news, life hacks, funny stories, myth busters and quizzes. There is also a dedicated section for in-detail reads which are comparatively detailed content. We provide knowledge with a whiff of an entertainment in it!

Experienced Drilling Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in Offshore Operations, Drilling Engineering, Directional Drilling, Drilling Fluids, and Petroleum Engineering. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Chemical Engineering from Caltech.

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I'm a huge supporter of open and honest dialogue. Minds is the only social media platform that I'm supporting. I enjoy funny memes, horror talk, pro-wrestling, UFC, gaming and fitness. I occasionally throw out some Minds+ content in the form of blogs. The primary topics for blog content are the #Halloween / #MichaelMyers film franchise and #WWE / #ProWrestling.

Retired army, retired twice, the Philippines, beaches, beach towns, social networking, Asia, Globalism, food. politics, free thought, free expression, global supply and demand according to free consumer

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Just a laid back man who loves to play video games and have a great time with friends!

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Dec 2018
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