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I am a father & a husband. Married to Snoweclipse ❤️ I have a gaming channel where you can observe my shenanigans!
location_onCalifornia, United States, California, United States
I am an open minded individual who has common sense and is concerned by the lack of it in today's society.
I like to live stream PC and Android games. And i am also a PC Repair Technician and a Linux Enthusiast. 👍🍟🍔🍵.
this is my personal invitation to WowApp > wowapp.com/w/martinez92
Y2K Amish. Civilization peaked in 1999
The Valpey Clan on Minds My daughter and I co author this profile. We like to talk nerd stuff, politics and guns. We also post gaming videos, family activities and art. We are by most accounts about liberty and free speech, completely against censorship beyond calls for violence. Check out the YT channel at Valpeys Gaming and the twitch channel at Bakerthelo13110
I'm a free thinker, a poet & author. I believe in free speech and the American dream, and look to navigate through the crumbling world surrounding me.
My mission is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth by the power of His spirit that is at work in me.
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Retro Guy - I work hard, try to be honest, respectful and on time. Scarred but not broken, only a little cracked.
California, United States, California, United States
May 2022
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