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Aaron Edward is a Guitarist and Songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma who composes transcendent, instrumental music that transforms soulful melodies, harmonies, and rhythms into vivid, emotion-charged imagery.

Veeh's law 1. Academia/MSM finds something "problematic" 2. Soc jus activists identifies in a company the thing the MSM talked about 3. Soc jus activists begin harassing the company 4. MSM amplifies what the Soc jus activists are doing by writing many articles on the subject causing the company to believe a massive number of people are upset at them 5. Company gives in do the demands of soc jus activists and msm 6. Customer/fans voice their concerns and want the company to be back the way it was. Some might threaten to boycott 7. Useful idiots come in saying "a company can do what it wants". These idiots were nowhere to be found during step 1-4. These idiots forget that costumers can also do what they want and completely ignore the fact that the company should get feedback from its costumer base to understand if there is a problem and the reason for why their sales might be going down.

Jun 2015
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