The Leatherface

Singer, Screamer and Lyricist
Most of what I post is of my own creation. I rarely select the particular medium of expression until that idea has already sprung from my transcendent Mind. Local issues of sustainability are very important to me, because I live in the same Mississippi River region that my first colonist ancestors settled over 300 years ago. Politicians, especially those from the so-called 'legal' profession, deserve the brunt of my acerbic wit, and so will be often hit, with fresh and fetid bags of rhetorical SHIT! I am the Man that you Dream in your Meme! I am UAnon.
A girl with zero worries
Just a typical shit lord my dudes. (Fuck twitter)
A little bear who love privacy and security 🕊 #MindsTH ผู้ลี้ภัยจากทวิต : อิร้าบานเฮงซวย : เขตปลอดสลิ่ม🚫 LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 21/05/20 i'm mindian
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underground miner and surface drilling and blasting and I love explosives 🤟🏻😁🤟🏻
Jan 2020
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