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Hello and welcome Minds+ Group Page. Here you can share your real content with members AND Receive &Give him UPVOTES! Page Rules: On this page members can go right up to the line BUT DON'T cross it. What's the line? There are all grounds for dismal from the group: 1) No Bullying or Disrespect whatsoever 2) No Nudity 3) No Racism 4) No advertising of other groups. 5) per day upload 5 photo 6) Only use 5 hashtags Thank you for your understanding. We are here to have fun and make few minds token. NOT to piss each other off. Now On To The Minds+
Здесь можно постить все, что угодно, если это мем. You may post here everything you want exept things that are not memes!!
A community for pagans, heathens, witches and other spiritual inclined folk worldwide. A place to learn, discuss and debate. No subject within the realm of paganism or spirituality is taboo. All that is asked to keep it civil and polite. Come in, grab some mead, warm yourself by the fire and enjoy your time here with the Greyhorn Pagans. Visit our website for more: Listen to our podcast: Support us on Patreon: #paganism #tribalism #europeanpaganism #spirituality #greyhornpagans
This is a group for PC enthusiasts, gaming and anything tech related be it Mac, Windows, Linux, IT career paths in administration, coding/programming, cyber security engineers or general internal support gripes. I encourage information sharing to help others learn. I am learning myself and will always be learning I am sure. Make this the one group to rule them all, as most of these interests can be overlapping. Feel free to post and at least try to keep it related to the group. Please be civil with each other. That is all.
Welcome to Meme Supreme!! We're here to blow Sunshine up Your Ass 'til you Puke Rainbows! The rules are simple: Post Funny Memes. Minds TOS are in effect and enforced. Extraordinary Abuse of Power: No Infographics, Robo-Ho's, or Threats! Healthy debate is boolshit, but werdz iz werdz, so solve your problems with insults and mockery! If you don't like something, too bad! Ignore it and move on. If it got past the Algorithms and the Admins, it's Lawful Free Speech! If you're the lucky one or two people that get to see banned content BEFORE it gets Reported/Deleted/Banned/Raided, then do us all a favour and bring it to our attention, and you'll see we act swiftly to maintain our integrity and good standing. Have fun and play nice out there!!!! Or be a Dick, and enjoy having your Ego, Identity, and Self-Perception Grievously Molested. Absolutely zero blocking of Owners or admins. Owners: @AdamBaums @myincal Doorman: @jhafarI Admins: Invisible Ninjas #memes #funny #InvisibleFfckingNinjaz Group founded 10/18/2018
φιλοσοφία (philosophia), literally 'Love of Wisdom' "The ONLY Good is Knowledge; the ONLY evil is IGNORANCE!" ~ Socrates Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling… makes no difference. The degree is arbitrary. The definition’s blurred.
#INFOWARS Home of the # 1 Internet #News #Media #Show in the #World #Austin #Texas #AlexJones #Info #Wars MAX 2 (TWO) posts per channel, per day. Choose wisely. Please keep SPAM to a minimum ALL commercial content requires 1 Minds Token
Photography - Art Group Rules: - Links of any kind are not allowed here unless you are supporting the community channel by holding MTCG (Our community Token) or sending two(2) Minds tokens a month to our community channel @MindsGaming - If you are caught promoting content as original that you do not own you will be banned. - Do not post more than one(1) image a day unless its original content or you are supporting the community. - Rewards are given by group moderators, you will need to add our ecosystem to earn them. Tag them our our community channel in your original content comments. - No memes or gifs Chat Room: Talk about your art, sites and more here! -! Community Website: Members List: This Group would like to remain independent to the “system” if you report my users in this area follow the terms of service and block and unsubscribe from my that user immediately and leave this area, this area is run by @MindsGaming -- #Art #Photography #MindsGaming #myphoto #minds #photos #Pictures #Pics
#MemeWars Freedom To Meme! This group is run by #MindsGaming and gives rewards for original memes. Group Rules: - Freedom to meme The only way to get banned is by posting things that are not memes. Rewards: Community rewards are given out by community runners or our community channel, to receive rewards you will need to add the ecosystem network: tag them or our community channel in your original content with your wallet address. --- MemeWars Chat: --- This Group would like to remain independent to the “system” if you report users in this area, or this area itself follow the terms of service and block and unsubscribe from that user, and leave this area immediately ; this area is run by @MindsGaming ---- Meme wars! Freedom to meme! The original #Memes #Gif #Gifs #MindsGaming #minds #MemeWars
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