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The Star Citizen Privateer is dedicated to everything about Star Citizen. Visit us at

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Movies, Books, Games, Miniatures, war games and hobby model building.

WWG1WGA I am 100% PatriotStreetfighter, I am a mommy and most importantly I love, am dedicated and ready to serve GOD and our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am not sure what that service looks like yet but am opening my heart to recieve guidance on what to do next for god and my country now so that we can all be of service to the world when we WIN this war.

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Mind's most trusted window licker.

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Independent Journalist

Always 100% blunt and honest. My devotion is to the truth. Not any person living or dead. If you're weak you're NOT going to like me at all. Your feelings mean NOTHING to me. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. Anarchists not welcome. Your ideology is trash and antithetical to every thing the U.S. stands for.

Prague, Prague, Czechia
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Jan 2021
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