I like cars. Wife: @bashy / @bashynx Dog: @puppysden Banner by @ishiyo
Czech photographer exploring abandoned places. Anything from the ruins of old castles to rusty remains of heavy industry. I only publish my original work. “I believe in God and in my pistols" -Václav Morávek 2nd channel: @letloosethearrows
Basic American dude. I like Jesus, my wife's titties, my guns, my kids. Maybe my kids before guns....maybe not.....followed by my wife's cooking. Things I don't like, willful ignorance. Don't be stupid.
🎨 Freelance illustrator. Fantasy, sci-fi, and other genres. Book covers, posters, book illustrations, character designs, promos, merch designs, video thumbnails, avatars, social media content
Shane Smith. I am 30. I am Interested. I am a Husband. I am a Father. I am just Happy to be here. i'm far more interested in hearing what people love than what they hate. I make music and i am the host of "OrganicPoison" and co-host of "Hylian Hideout" both podcasts are available most places podcast are available. I also host a weekly radio show on (Thursdays at 9PM) @shaneiso on IG
Community Manager @ Minds, Gaming enthusiast and Wife. For Minds related information see @info If you wanna book a call, head to @BashyAdmin - Work stuff @Bashy - More serious stuff @PuppysDen - Account for Lizzy photos and videos Links everywhere - @Arebowe - Hubby pfp and banner by @ishiyo
Yo! Welcome to my page! I'm a chill tomboy and I enjoy gaming, anime and other nerd hobbies. 🔥
Agent of Chaos.
Feb 2022
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