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Hello, my name is Aomsin Nice to meet you. Personally, I like #watching anime #reading manga #I like to read novels #And likes to make news about iT , Anime , and many more I might be busy lately because I'm busy at work..ha 〆(Д<)))
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Здесь можно постить все, что угодно, если это мем. You may post here everything you want exept things that are not memes!!
You have been found guilty of being HORNY! You are hereby sentenced to infinity years in HORNY JAIL. @FoolsErrand is your warden and fellow inmate. Don't claim things that aren't yours, as yours. And use the nsfw tags as appropriate. This is a mainly 2D group. You can post 3D but keep it infrequent. Enjoy your stay! #anime #horny #lewd #lewds #2d #art #porn #2dwomen #tiddies #oppai
A place to post 2D Tomboys since the old one is locked down. Please mark nsfw as nsfw.
Japan food&travel is a wholesome group I created for those who love Japanese food and Japan in general. Oftentimes it is with our minds eye that we visit distant countries and our imagination which feasts upon their most iconic dishes. Post food&travel videos about Japan and related media - including articles, memes, photos etc. No politics :3
ALL things #Science and #Technology #Discussion #Infosharing #Research #Investigation Group Rules: Members are free to share a maximum of 3 "Science and technology" related posts per day Spammers will be dealt with accordingly
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For the discussion of the Minds project and stack. https://developers.minds.com/docs
Koror Town, Palau
May 2020
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