Trying to make the world a better place through activism, spirituality, art & empathy/compassion. Don’t let the media, politics or societal norms hold you back from trying to make the World a better place!! It’s possible! Do your part. Web Dev & Design student with goals to start a nonprofit.... passionately driven to fight for abuse survivors and their kids. Also very interested in figuring out how to build my first database and mastering the security side of tech. Loathe hate, exclusivity, oppression, abuse of power, inequality, manipulation, narcissists, racism & violation of human rights.

The largest online discussion forum and community for any topics related to animals or pets.

AWAKE. AWARE. IN ACTION Collaborating with like-minded people and co-creating an amazing future for humankind and inhabitants :) Phoenix Voyage is committed to making a positive impact in the world. We are a team of people around the globe who want to relieve poverty and hunger, do positive actions for the environment, and empower women and kids along the way. We welcome you to be a part of our journey. As we create blueprints for progress, we love to partner and share other concepts making a positive change in the world. We invite you to join the Global 21st Century Trailblazers's FREE :)

Enterprenuer oil and gas rig drilling Engineering I AM IN COMPETITION WITH MYSELF

Libertas Bella stands for beautiful liberty. The simple assertion we uphold above all others is that liberty is both all-important and in jeopardy. The simple act of wearing an expressive t-shirt may soon be labeled a thoughtcrime.

Oct 2019
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