Trying to make the world a better place through activism, spirituality, art & empathy/compassion. Don’t let the media, politics or societal norms hold you back from trying to make the World a better place!! It’s possible! Do your part. Web Dev & Design student with goals to start a nonprofit.... passionately driven to fight for abuse survivors and their kids. Also very interested in figuring out how to build my first database and mastering the security side of tech. Loathe hate, exclusivity, oppression, abuse of power, inequality, manipulation, narcissists, racism & violation of human rights.

Social beings were never meant for antisocial environments. The trick is to make you believe more in chaos than peace. It’s a lie to keep you from claiming your power over the darkness. Death was never meant for us. This is a planet of LIFE for the Living, ONLY! Be love and be loved, beloveds.

Tarot Clarity™ by Dia Holly Hemlock

Spirituality is intense and immortal

As an empathetic person in a world gone mad I must constantly remind myself to remain apathetic, detached, lest I go mad myself. But I cannot disconnect myself completely, so I come here to interact, talk, debate, chat. I also love to play Devil's Advocate, because in a world beset by stupid, it is important to make people think about their arguments and why they believe the way they do.

Dear Grammy.. Minds #1 Tarot Advice Channel 🕉teenlifecoach 🔮 psychic Mom of a 🦋wild-child🦋Grammy11xs Blessed with Chrysalis Tarot Deck and a Blessed Watcher to help guide my readings. . Dm for advice or reading.. Be Blessed 🔮🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🔮

The largest online discussion forum and community for any topics related to animals or pets.

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The picture above is of me at 47 in Japan, in the nanosecond of a major turning point. Nearly cost me my life, but I certainly learned a lot....An investigative reporter (with a Pulitzer'nomination, rare for an independent), a medical writer (founded a cooperative medical writing company with clients on three continents), and teacher (taught in high school and college and was an early coordinator in the un-schooling movement).on this channel under my own name, I'm writing an unauthorized history of Minds. As @authorpendragon, I've been mindsblogging the news since 2016 and blogpost a bit. Politically, I've been an activist since the early 1960s, because "inactive citizen" is an oxymoron. With courageous, adventurous children grown and out changing the world, having just helped raise a grandson, my husband aka best friend and I founded a small community in an improbable oasis that we're working to save in the midst of a metro area. Here the guy I love creates anything that I can imagine, and I grow things and write... Channel Policy: Doxxers and spammers -- including thread hijackers endlessly bleating about unrelated pet projects or hatreds -- are at minimum boring. Bug out. All others: thank you for being here. Documented disagreement is terrific. So are discoveries. So is laughter.... Some Of My Blogposts On The Subject Of This Site BILL OTTMAN'S MINDS, LEADING THE CHARGE AGAINST THE GLOBALS (a series on Minds' creation, putting it in the context of the enormous forces that it's deftly combating) DRAGON'S INTERACTIVE TREASURE TROVE OF RESOURCES FOR LEARNING AND USING MINDS.COM (constantly updated, Bản Dịch Tiếng Việt) CULTURE SHOCK: FROM FACEBOOK TO MINDS HEY FOLKS! HOW TO BE A USEFUL USER ON MINDS (updated and with Vietnamese translation) THE BEST PLACES TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS, ASK QUESTIONS -- AND GET ANSWERS -- ABOUT MINDS:

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how hackers start their afternoons. read: got a tech story? get reviewed by a professional editor for publication: 10k+ contributing writers publish stories and expertise for 4M+ monthly readers. become a sponsor today: P.S. top stories:

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