Animator, Storyteller, Character Designer, Illustrator... An Artist! I love to draw characters, and create stories. Occasionally I'll post animations & NSFW content (Nothing too much). If you choose to support me, you'll not only be making this bearded starving artist happy, you'll also gain access to exclusive posts, 2D pose assets, and more! (I'm open to ideas! XD)
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Creator in Exile. Director and Creator of Dungeon Crawlers. Previous/current works: Forsaken gods, Bikini cowboy, Winghead. Previous Clients include: Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Disney, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Apolitically affiliated.

Artist/Writer for #Mythoverse Comics. Other upcoming projects I’m attached to are Miss Espionage, Ms. Spectacle, Riven and Paradigm Yume. This channel will contain NSFW content, so be warned.

I'm a cartoonist, Italian manga artist.

Illustrator/artist & small businesses owner predominantly inspired by folklore, occult and psychology Store Instagram Paypal

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Home for Youtuber & Fan Of All Things Gaming The Quartering

I do webcomic, 2D anime style animation, and illustration, and #indiegame development. Owner of #vtuber

Hello, and welcome to The Dirty Links. As the name implies, this channel is mostly a collection of NSFW content shared in link form. Everything I share is a link except for the gifs and memes. I also have a tendency to share a lot of music. On Saturdays, we play by special rules, and our focus shifts to toon smut and chocolate bunnies. The channel started out by mostly sharing links to porn videos, and we still do sometimes, but it seems people enjoy my curation of images more, so we mostly focus on that now. When we do post video links we tend to like: Petite/Skinny Redheads Anal DP Gangbangs Forced (fantasy) But they don't HAVE to conform to those kinks, just tend to. I'm also an admin in the Gingers group, but I don't really police the other members, I focus on keeping the ad bot trash out.

Minds is just a place for people to steal art and profit out of others hard work, follow me some where else if you want to see my stuff If you're not civil you get blocked.

Jun 2019
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