Amy Sutphin
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Writer, Author, Self-Publisher. Sometimes I give writing advice. Check out my novellas Twisting Every Way and the sequel Winding Ever Higher.

Hi, I’m Jessica; account manager at Binance with 13 years experience. Working to expand my horizons and share my knowledge.

Beautiful places of our planet to inspire you

Welcome! My name is Jenny Lynn and I am a traditional artist. I primarily paint & draw and I also dabble (a bit) with other forms of creative media like filming, photography, and design. Aside from art I love hiking, travel, music, film, dancing, strange foods, books, meditation, retro/vintage things, learning, animals and various other adventures. contact: [email protected] [ ]

Writing, dogs, family. Mannequin in the living room. Old movies. My first book is here:

Horror, sci-fi, & fantasy author. Debut novel, Passenger, is available in paperback & Kindle on Amazon & at Passenger

Artifice Re-Animate On IndieGoGo! Sign Up HERE: @COREComics Production Manager Writer | Self-Aware Pseudonym

Well I’m a relatively unimportant person but I’ve been told I take good pictures and that I’m a good streamer. so I guess I consider myself an amateur photographer who streams video games on the side

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Jan 2021
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