Photographer, thanks to my dad. Writer, thanks to my mom. Science Fiction writer, thanks to Heinlein and Herbert. Fantasy writer, thanks to Tolkein and Lewis. Horror writer, thanks to Poe and Lovecraft. Humor, parody, and satire writer, thanks to Twain, Asprin, and Swift. Political writer, thanks to Spooner, Mencken, Rockwell, and Paul. Published writer, thanks to the support of my wife. Libertarian, thanks to Rockwell and Woods. Anti-SJW, thanks to Gamergate, the Hugo Awards, and SJWAL. Alt-West, by Vox Day's taxonomy, thanks to Jefferson, Paine, and Hancock. Leaning further and further Alt-Right, thanks to Vox Day and terror attacks worldwide. I write on topics as varied as science fiction, the Hugo awards, Gamergate, censorship, and government power at I can admire and appreciate a clever and funny joke, even if I disagree with the joke, or the joker, or even if I'm the's called "sense of humor." I post my writings and photography, and meme my own photos. I also post links to my stuff for sale under the #shamelessselfpromotion tag. Gab - DELETED Blog - Photography Blog - Humor Blog - Amazon Author Page - Articles - Interests, Obsessions, Distractions - An Online Resume - - Adobe Stock Photography - Getty Images Stock Photography - Dreamstime Stock Photography Eyeem - Imagekind - Redbubble - CafePress - Zazzle - Flickr - FineArtAmerica DeviantArt ArtStation Displate Society6 Mipic

Hello, I am a 15 year old artist who loves to make his teachers angry by drawing in class. I also have a Instagram account called art_over_homework. it would be awesome if you could check out what I have over there.

"I don't know, you tell me?" Hello my name is Packy Savvenas, host of the YouTube and radio series The Pacman Report, award-winning web designer and developer, artist, husband, and truth-seeker. Now that I understand how the system works, all I want to do for my sake and yours is wake people to what is really going on. The more I ask for help, the more I am taught. This cyclical relationship with my viewers brings mutual growth which is not only satisfying, it is my motto on the Pacman Report: “I don’t know, you tell me?“ Stay up to date on our website: I Don't Know, You Tell Me?...

I am Lucie. I draw. My illustrations reflect the world of a dreamer whose short nights are anything but sweet. Moments easily missable to a human eye carve themselves into the core of my inside with a ‘haart’ force. I seek beauty in sadness. I am Lucie. and

Political, Spiritual Revolutionary Artist and Author

This channel is dedicated to the pictures I take in my free time, of things that catch my attention in one way or another. If you like my channel or a particular post, please feel free to like and comment, share and remind, boost and wire, and/or support in any other way you like. Consider following me on steemit, as well! About myself: I am a master student in environmental sciences, biologist at heart, amateur photographer, science fiction author, and very excited about the future of blockchain technology & Co. I also love cooking a lot!

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People and Nature Photographer Copenhagen, Denmark All photos are mine unless explicitly marked otherwise. Extraordinary Donations!!! @Jacquesmarchal (20 tokens) @chesschats (multiple donations)

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